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  1. 40% out of 100 is quite a lot. Some exams with such a large amount of knowledge can be quite passed by 60-65 points. The only important thing is to be sure that these 40% of your teeth fly off.�

    Most often, the tasks of the Unified State Exam (once a month is left, I dare say that we are talking about this particular exam) are compiled in such a way that some tasks “hear” the echoes of others. This is quite a ride with the Russian language, for example. The same essay is a combination of all your knowledge about commas, the correct spelling of words, the ability to isolate the main idea from the text, and all this. �

    And, of course, practice. Without it, nowhere. Sometimes, in theory, everything looks so terrible that it seems that you can't squeeze out a single line. But to be afraid of wolves – do not go to the forest. A couple of formulas and rules-and you are one step away from success.�

    Oh, and one more thing. Get some sleep. I failed my matan exam at the university just because I was terribly sleepy (preparation night, 1 hour of sleep). Passed it in the end to zero. A couple of feints with your ears, a month of preparation for the retake – and a dozen (!!!) in my pocket. Faith in yourself, by the way, also does not hurt. Well, and luck, of course.

  2. It all depends on what result you are counting on, you are unlikely to write on 90+, but on 70-80 you can. First, see what task has how many points it weighs and how primary points are converted to secondary points. Then find out how many primary points you need and get ready for the easiest numbers for you. Kill the whole month for it, instead of working out once a week, and then everything will work out

  3. I am an expert of the Unified State Exam in English. To prepare for the exam in a month with 40 points (which is very small) at least 60, I would advise you to a) identify your weaknesses and strengths through a trial test (as recommended in other answers) b) understand what the gap of weaknesses is, it can be general, specific illiteracy or ignorance of the criteria and response patterns.. the last point is the easiest to pull up, it is almost impossible to eliminate general illiteracy in a month, and you can partially eliminate specific ones.c) do not experiment in creative tasks that make up 40 percent of the total answer, write and say only those things that you are firmly sure of.�

    Of course, a lot depends on the subject in which the exam is taken.

  4. Firstly, it is quite obvious that you are already half way from the goal by asking a question on this resource; Secondly, the person who answered the question earlier is absolutely right: there is no reason to worry – there is still a lot of free time left! After all , it's not you who need it, but your parents and teachers, and since they need these exams so badly, why should you worry about other people's problems?

  5. If we are talking about the Unified State Exam, then the school writes a sample. Identify your level of training on certain topics , understand the gaps with your own eyes-go ahead and fill them in!
    Most often, there are several such topics. And, of course, learn cliches for essays))
    I can tell you in more detail how to prepare for the story )

  6. If we are talking about the Unified State Exam, then everything is very simple. Solve tests, get your hands full. The math and computer science exam will have exactly the same tasks as in the books for this year's preparation, but with different numbers – just fill your hand. It's the same for the Russian exam. Essays can and should be written using cliches – either find a normal training course on the Internet, or confuse the teacher at school. To add examples from the literature, it is enough to know the average school curriculum. Plus, write an essay, avoiding the problem areas. Write as you know how. The content requirements are very specific and it is not so difficult to meet them. The main thing is to avoid mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. So use the words and phrases that you are sure of, and everything will be fine.
    Here with profile subjects, such as social studies, literature, physics, more difficult, here I would recommend going to a tutor.

  7. A whole month and already 40%? In my opinion, the answer is obvious. Rest for the next three weeks. Then study the remaining part in 5-7 days and go to pass the exam perfectly.

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