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  1. Oops! �We have a contest.
    You can win free access to a brain trainer and top-rated T-shirts/notebooks/TheQuestion stickers.

    They have been trying to block Telegram for more than a month, but other sites and messengers are still slowing down. Well, in order not to slow down, we just need to train our brain. We offer you to pump your brains for free and no longer hang out. You just need to solve the puzzle by clicking on the link and you can win premium access to the Wikium online simulator, our branded T-shirts and notebooks from TheQuestion.

    How to do it?

    1. Follow the link
      2. As soon as you are on the site, you will immediately see a riddle — this is the text on the site itself. Guess it.
    2. Don't leave the site anywhere. Click the “Pass the Test” button to register. This can be done via any social network. I'll explain why this is necessary below.
    3. Write your answer in the comments to the question. Next to it, enter your Wikium ID address. You can find it in your profile (the button in the upper-right corner). When you log in to your profile, there will be a lot of numbers in the address bar — this is the id.


    1. If you've already signed up for Wikikum before, it's even easier. Log in to your profile to find out the id address, and then log out of it. After that, you need to follow the link above and guess the riddle. Leave the answer to it and the address id in the comments to the question.

    2. Your comment should look something like this: “Semyon Semyonych, 1234567”.

    The first 5 users who respond quickly and correctly will receive premium access to the simulator for 1 month, as well as branded T-shirts, notebooks, and TheQuestion stickers. For everyone else who guessed the answer, there is also a prize-a promo code for a discount of 300 rubles. We will sum up the results on June 8.

    Good luck. Don't slow down!)

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