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  1. Panic attacks before going to bed and fear of falling asleep are one of the most common symptoms of people with anxiety disorders, doctors have learned to treat it. For starters, a psychiatrist or psychotherapist can prescribe sleep-enhancing medications and give you a checklist on sleep hygiene. In the future, when the intensity of fear decreases, you will have to deal with the cognitive distortions underlying this fear, and conduct the necessary exposure, i.e., immerse yourself in the frightening trigger in order to stop reacting to it so much. Sleep and the associated states of loss of self-control will be with you for the rest of your life, because this is a normal physiological process and all people go through it, so there is no escaping the need to get used to it again. Good luck to you! Get better!

  2. Hi, I have this for a year, almost every day I'm afraid to fall asleep, I'm afraid that I'll die, I measure my blood pressure before going to bed, I used to constantly call an ambulance, now I drink phenosepam sometimes helps. I was once with a psychologist, but I didn't learn anything new. I don't know how to eliminate this fear of death… To me 25 and already just as the grandmother I shake for health….

  3. Try meditating the next time you have a panic attack. I have everything going in a couple of minutes. After that, sleep well.

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