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  1. Do not immediately scare yourself and make diagnoses. Schizoid personality type is characterized by a wide range of manifestations of different depths. In one way or another, many closed, introverted people, people with bright personality traits, can consider themselves schizoids. They are quite well adapted to society, create families and live a full life. Some behavioral features of schizoid personalities can be taken as individual, distinctive characteristics that relatives, colleagues, and friends get used to. Yes, it is not easy to live with such a person under the same roof or work in the same team. It is not easy for the person suffering from this disorder. Most often, such character accentuations are not clinically diagnosed (in 70-80% of cases) and are completely corrected by long-term work with a psychotherapist.

    However, it is worth honestly admitting that although this personality trait has an innate predisposition, it still develops to a greater extent in the presence of various kinds of psychological violence in the family. This is exactly what needs to be adjusted when working with a psychotherapist.

    And another important thing! Do not confuse schizoidism and schizophrenia, as it is already a clinical diagnosis..

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