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  1. The situation is very fantastic, but let's say. How do we even know what someone is thinking? By interacting with it. If someone responds to our actions and we find their response adequate, it is reasonable to assume that our actions were correctly understood, that someone thinks and thinks similarly to us. In the case of someone born without perception, how can we know if they are thinking if they cannot receive any signal from us and respond to it? Brain research? But the activity of the departments is not equal to thinking, and experiments on “reading” thoughts through encephalograms require calibration, when we ask the subject to think about specific things in order to match specific readings of devices to specific thoughts. In this case, contact is not possible, and calibration is not possible. Therefore, any answer to the question “yes, thoughts will arise” or” no, thoughts will not arise ” will be unfounded speculation.

    About deafblind people, it is safe to say that they can think, but it is possible to communicate with them through tactile speech systems.

  2. Option one.

    If there is a brain, then thoughts will arise. They will even line up in bizarre structures, worlds unlike anything we know. We do not have enough imagination to imagine the entire “creative” of his world.�

    Remember that we do not see the world as it is, but as we build it in our brain based on our feelings. Our world corresponds to our feelings. His world will correspond to his pseudo-feelings. Both worlds are equally subjective.�

    Option two.

    The areas of the brain responsible for building the overall picture based on the analysis of signals received from outside, in such a person, degrade and atrophy. Or they won't develop. It doesn't receive any signals at all. Except for the signals from your stomach. Perhaps he will feel the world as his stomach.�

    In any case, such a person will look like a 100% idiot to us.

  3. Thought is a manipulation of the image of a real object. Consciousness is a collection of images of real things. Thought is not about anything, and “thinking with emptiness” is also impossible. There is no world around – there is no consciousness (there is nothing to be aware of). Consciousness is empty – there is nothing to manipulate (think) with.

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