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  1. These don't contradict each other.
    First, just because God is love does not mean the kind of love that you or I represent, such as romantic or lisping love. He is love in the true sense and expresses it repeatedly and continuously for each person, giving them breath, life itself and all the good things that we have

    As for punishments, they are perceived in two ways in the Christian discourse. They can be used as a teaching tool, when they serve to correct the person being punished and / or someone else. They can be a way to stop the impiety that has gone beyond what is permitted in this situation.

    For example, if you love a child but see him running under a car, you will probably take some disciplinary action against him, which he will take as punishment. This is the first case. Example two: a court decision that has entered into force.

    Given that every person, according to Christian doctrine, violates the Law daily and repeatedly and deserves only one thing, the very fact that not everyone is immediately punished is another proof that God is love

  2. God is love-this was declared by the apostles after the Coming of Christ. And the Flood and other horrors-were before that. God, of course, is one in both the Old and New Testaments, but His relationship with people is changing. There was a Law, and grace became an inner law. Yes, diseases and mortality remain, but they cannot be eliminated overnight. But now people have faith, hope, and LOVE (1 Corinthians 13:13).

    This is how Christians understand it: the tragedy of life remains. But if God sent people a Son who promised a paradise Resurrection of the dead, then all these difficulties are necessary for something. Everything is expedient. Thank God for everything! The main thing is to love Him, then you can hope for mutual Love.

    You will agree that this is the only constructive relationship with God.

  3. St. Anthony the Great (251-356):God is good, and dispassionate, and unchangeable. If anyone, while admitting that it is true and true that God does not change, is perplexed, yet how He (being such) rejoices over the good, turns away from the evil, is angry with sinners, and when they repent, is merciful to them, then it must be said that God neither rejoices nor is angry: for joy and anger are passions.
    It is absurd to think that the Deity was good or bad because of human affairs. God is good and only does good things, but harms no one, being always the same; but when we are good, we enter into communion with God, because of our likeness to Him, and when we become evil, we separate ourselves from God, because of our dissimilarity with Him. If we live virtuously, we become God's, but if we become evil, we become rejected from Him; and this does not mean that He has wrath on us, but that our sins do not allow God to shine upon us, but that we associate Him with tormenting demons. If later, by prayers and charity, we obtain absolution from our sins, this does not mean that we have pleased God and changed Him, but that by such actions and turning to God, having cured the evil that exists in us, we are again able to partake of God's grace; so that to say: God turns away from the evil ones is the same as to say: the sun

    But if God wanted to punish people for something, He wouldn't need to do it at all, because people have been very adept at punishing themselves throughout the history of their existence.

  4. Because Allah (the One God) is not love. He does not love everyone, but only Muslims who submit to Him.

    Why should Allah love those who disobey Him?..

    Why should Allah love the Jews who associate partners with Him, calling Uzayr (Ezra )His son, and thereby fabricating a lie against Allah and Uzayr?.. Why should Allah love the Jews who tell lies about ' Isa (a.s.) because they think he is nothing?.. Why should Allah love the Jews who tell lies about Maryam, the mother of ‘Isa (a.s.), considering her an adulteress?.. And she wasn't an adulteress. She was a pious woman.

    Why should Allah love Christians who associate others with Him, calling ‘Isa (a.s.) God, the son of God, and thereby fabricating a lie against Allah and ‘Isa (a. s.)?.. Why should Allah love Christians who tell lies about Maryam (Mary), the mother of ‘Isa( a. s.), considering her to be the Mother of God?.. She wasn't Our Lady. She was one of the pious women among the servants of Allah.

    “The Jews said,' Uzayr (Ezra) is the son of Allah.' The Christians said: “The Messiah is the son of Allah.” They utter with their mouths words similar to those of the former unbelievers. May Allah destroy them! How they are turned away from the truth! /// They recognized their chief priests and monks as masters besides Allah, as well as the Messiah, the son of Maryam. Yet they were told to worship only one God, and there is no other deity besides him. It is higher than what they associate with others.” (Surah 9 “Repentance”, verses 30, 31).

    Why should Allah love the pagans who worship everything that moves and does not move?..

    Why should Allah love atheists who don't even believe in His existence?..

    Why should Allah love agnostics who do not recognize His Messengers and prophets?..

    All of the above-mentioned members of the human race exist in this world only because of the mercy and justice of Allah, and not because of His love.

    As for punishments, Allah punishes the wrongdoers, not the righteous; He punishes the oppressors and the oppressors, not the oppressed and the oppressed. He tests the righteous, the oppressed, and the oppressed. In the Hands of Allah, the same thing can serve as an instrument of testing or purification, as well as an instrument of punishment. For example, a disease. The sickness of a righteous Muslim is a trial for him from Allah; the sickness of a sinful Muslim is a purification for him from Allah. The illness of a non-Muslim (we do not consider feeble-minded people, children and people with senile decrepitude) is a punishment for him from Allah.

    If non-Muslims take off their rose-colored glasses and rub their eyes properly, they will see that all over the world, they are the oppressors and oppressors, and Muslims are the oppressed and oppressed.

    For example, in China, Muslim Uighurs are oppressed, imprisoned, and killed just because they practice Islam. And Allah sent upon them a terrible disease. Now all the people of China are seized with fear of this disease, just as the Pharaoh and his people were seized with fear when they were overtaken by the punishment of the Almighty.

    The supplications of the oppressed and oppressed are not rejected by Allah. After hearing the supplications of the oppressed and oppressed Muslims, Allah decides to justly punish the oppressors and oppressors.

    “Indeed, your Lord is swift in punishment “(Surah 6,” Cattle”, verse 165).

  5. due to the fact that our ideas are infected with sin, illusions, delusions, selfishness – all those properties of fallen human nature, our understanding of love looks appropriate – that is, it is pleasing to our position, condition, etc. But God's love thinks more about how to bring humanity out of its pit and therefore the actions taken by God sometimes seem harsh, cruel and “unloving”. The doctor sometimes cuts off the patient's leg, arm, or other organs and parts of his body to save the patient; it is better to live crippled than to die whole. This is the principle of God. The Azotans attempted to destroy the holy thing – the Ark of God, and if you remove the holy thing from the world, then the world will be full of tryndets.�

    God's love will be fully revealed when every veil is removed from the eyes of humanity and then it ( humanity) will understand the meaning and essence of God's salvation, which he performed for a long time, difficult and painful – only cats will be born quickly.�

    21 For thus says the Lord God: if four heavy My executions: sword, famine and evil beasts, and pestilence will send to Jerusalem to exterminate in it people and cattle,
    22 and then remains in the balance, sons and daughters who shall be abolished; now, they come to you, and you will see their behavior and their deeds, and shall be comforted over the calamity that I have brought upon Jerusalem, all that I have brought upon it.
    23 They will console you, when you see their behavior and their deeds; and you shall know that I have not done without cause all that I have done in it, saith the Lord God.

    (Ezek. 14: 21-23)

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