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  1. No, it doesn't. Most likely, you have passed or not been hooked emotionally by the cultural layer that would connect you with him. There was no dream of visiting it. Or vice versa – already visited and not impressed.

    How it works:

    If you start to build a model of the social capital of Notre Dame de Paris, it will very quickly become clear that in general there is quite a bit of architecture as such, Gothic as such. This is not an eye-candi for specialists, although it is also one. But there are a lot of cultural values that are important for Russians. This is a book by Victor Hugo, which was well reprinted in the USSR (I wonder if the total circulation turned out to be more than in the author's homeland?), then Disney and musicals based on the book. Of course, the idea of Paris as almost the main foreign country for a post-Soviet person was transferred to Notre Dame. Because the recognizable silhouette of the Cathedral made it possible to accurately mark when showing film photos in the album – ” This is me in Paris!”.

    Similarly, Sacre Coeur is uniquely recognizable, but clearly socially further from the post-Soviet citizen. If the fire had happened in it, we would hardly have been so upset. And here we come to David Throsby's distinction between spatial and non-spatial values. The collapsed River station in Tver, the blown-up TV tower in Yekaterinburg, the overgrown ruined shopping malls in Kimry – these are spatial objects far from us in general. They may have played a significant role in the life of local communities, but in Australia, Canada, Vladivostok and Krasnodar, they probably haven't been heard of.

    Non-spatial values such as Notre-Dame de Paris, the Bolshoi Theater, and the Statue of Liberty are objects that people around the globe have something to do with. And, most likely, 99% of people who have something to do with them have never been not only in the city, but even in the country of their location. And this is not important when there is literature, musicals, comics, computer games, banknotes, national complexes and collective dreams.

    From here

    You can add classics of Russian literature where people dream of visiting Paris, the movie “Window to Paris” , etc.

    Personally, I visited Paris 20 years ago and was near Notre-Dame de Paris, but it was in the woods for reconstruction and we also did not get inside. I don't feel any strong emotional connection. I just understand that this is a major cultural heritage and I hope that it will be restored simply because it is a major cultural heritage, but by and large I don't care. I'm sorry for the loss and just resources for recovery, and because the fire probably happened out of stupidity, but purely on a rational level. On the emotional level, I almost don't care.

    Much more I'm sorry for the lost oneNational Brazilian Museum.

  2. For starters, who declared everyone who cares about Notre Dame uncultured and stupid? You may well be interested in a different culture – you may consider Himeji Castle the pinnacle of architecture and not be particularly interested in European culture. And you can know all the subtleties of Korean culture, not Western.
    Of course, I don't know what you mean by absolute indifference, but for me it's better than ostentatiously shedding tears in social networks with posts about how the greatest cathedral burned down for the sake of likes.

  3. According to your own wording, yes. The event may not touch you emotionally, but you said “absolute indifference”. Absolute indifference is the trait of the stupid and uncultured. A person who is interested in culture cannot be indifferent in principle. Indifference to one of the main monuments of world history is indifference to something too big, too large-scale and universal for it to mean nothing.

    This is very bad. You may now have a choice – either instill cultural involvement in yourself, or decide that you are OK, and then risk living a stupid and uncultured life.

  4. Stupid people don't tend to reflect. So the answer to the second part of the question is definitely no.

    I'm also not sure if this can serve as an indicator of culture. Rather, your ignorance of its existence or importance would serve as an indicator of lack of culture, which your question again refutes.�

    The culture is much like a geek community, with the only difference being that the objects of their cult had a huge impact on the minds and hearts of people in their time and continue to do so today, be it a book or a picture. Notre Dame is a symbol of an era, even more than one. Her hopes, aspirations, ideas, the pinnacle of her skill, finally, he is simply beautiful.�

    If North Dam is lost, there will never be another like it. Photos will not be able to convey to you all the heaviness or conversely the lightness of its arches, what kind of air is there on a summer day and how the shadows fall on your clothes.

    The fact that you do not feel important in it does not indicate lack of culture, but rather that culture does not play such an important role for you, giving way to other things.

  5. For some reason, no one was moved by the fact that the mayor of Moscow destroyed 400 architectural monuments, and all the tears were shed for Notre Dame. It's like Skabeeva and Popov, we're doing fine, but what about the Ukrainians? They're not doing well. In the end, let's not shed tears for other people's monuments, but start taking care of our own. In St. Petersburg, the houses are in poor condition, many of them are architectural monuments, that's what touches me, but Notre Dame is not!!!! And I am deeply sorry that there are Ukrainians, they are a different country, another state, do not interfere, let them decide how to live and what to do, They have real elections, real debates, the president goes out and talks, our people do not consider it necessary, he is above all this, even though he is a bug. Let's have a look at our country without rose-colored glasses, without propaganda, and what is happening in Chita is a garbage dump, that enterprises are being closed, that we have lost space and will fly on a trampoline ourselves, as the great Rogozin bequeathed. Let's not look at what they have and how they live, they live in France better than us, they do not have grandiose garbage dumps.

  6. I can't accept an anonymous user.
    If we are talking about absolute indifference, then this is not about stupidity and lack of culture, but about emotional perception, without which interest in culture is impossible.

    Such a person does not see value in beautiful things, historical monuments, etc. Such a person lives in the present day and thinks in terms of how to influence their future today. He is interested in practicality. What is the practicality of it from the construction of the 12th century? A museum? History? Why would he do that?

    I'm not a supporter of this position, but I can understand it.
    And I don't like it when such people are called stupid.
    They are simply not interested in something that you are interested in-people who are convinced that this structure and the fact that it is forced around the world, and that all countries are thrown at it – are more important than, for example, children and women of the east.

    For example, an art connoisseur may not be interested in programming, politics, mathematics, linguistics, or anything else.

    This is brought up by the environment, it is not beautiful to devalue a person's life because he does not like old houses. It's not nice to call him stupid or uncultured, even if he asks such questions.

  7. I don't give a damn about this event either. Yes, it's a pity, yes, trouble. But it doesn't make me personally feel like some kind of large-scale catastrophe, especially after 19 million Russians in Russia are mired in poverty, for example… the government is not going to fight this in any way, prices are rising, wages have remained without an index. We do not care about other people's grief, when our president is generous only to foreign policy. The French burned down the cathedral, just that, and Russia raises itself from its knees and from the ruins more than once in history. So think about who to sympathize with.

  8. Definitely a great architectural monument! But at one time, no one mourned the destruction of the ancient city of Palmyra so much, except for the museum community, whose cultural values are widely “walking” through the black markets of civilized enlightened Europe. No one mourned the looting of the Baghdad Museum…. and does it make sense to list the lost cultural heritage?.. And let's remember the monuments of wooden architecture of our Russian north that are currently being destroyed, which are gradually disappearing into oblivion. You can endlessly list, remember. regret it. But! In this situation, the global policy of double standards is very worrying. I do not know the true causes of the fire that destroyed the Cathedral. This may be elementary negligence. And when the historical memory of entire nations is deliberately destroyed, then you need to ring all the bells and understand that you can be next.

  9. Yes! You are an absolutely uncultured and stupid person, because you do not have a systematic education. And you don't understand the significance of sites like Notre Dame de Paris for world culture and human history, and therefore the history of your country, and therefore the history of your family, and therefore your own biography. You don't really know anything about your ancestors already within grandparents, let alone more ancient ancestors. It's easy for people like you to inculcate any style heresy: “the Egyptian pyramids are tens of thousands of years old”, “the eruption of Mount Vesuvius was in 79 A.D.”, “Christ was a carpenter and was born in a stable”,” Russians have always been savage, dirty barbarians”,” You belong to a nation that must be destroyed”,” Russia is an evil empire, the world's raw material appendage”,” Your family and you are cattle that are unworthy to live in human conditions”, �”You can be turned into a slave”! Thus, a person who does not understand and does not know the meaning of elementary common cultural and universal values, who is not able to understand the essence of historical events and the importance of historical objects for finding out the truth about the course of world history, can be inspired with anything and manipulate it, inciting religious, ethnic, and intercultural hostility. Learn, learn and learn again!

  10. Well, why are you so categorical, maybe you care about what is happening to Russian historical buildings, and are ready to fight this disgrace like Varlamov. And all these Notre-Dames are just a way to distract the population from our local problems.

  11. No, you are a completely normal person. Why should you be worried, upset, or worried about something that doesn't concern you personally? In Syria, more ancient monuments were bombed, in Afghanistan, the Taliban government itself blew up monuments that were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, but no one writes about this

  12. “Uncultured” and “stupid” are not synonyms. Judging the mind in absentia without knowing the author is difficult…And the fact that he is uncultured is indisputable! Many people will probably object, but it is culture that makes a person a person. Knowledge of history, culture, art – without this, not a person will remain, but a mankurt! �For all civilized people, this temple is the greatest value on a global scale. I hope to see him again – he's great!!!

  13. Here's one thing I'm interested in.Our guarantor immediately responded to help with the restoration.I wonder why he doesn't see destroyed churches in Russia.When flying by helicopter to Tver to its recreation center.Why does he not see churches all over Russia destroyed by his former party members, he changed his skin to United Russia.He will become what he wants with Naas.Good for him, he's a chamelion.Our government does not have its own people.This is ass-licking from birth.And it doesn't matter to them who to lick the excess you could snatch the dough

  14. It is quite a normal reaction, if Ronaldo leaves football or the legendary club Barcelona breaks up due to lack of money, it will be a great tragedy for football lovers, but for others it will not be something tragic. So it is, people are safe, no one was hurt, the roof was burned down, yes, but everything will be fine, maybe. Just what is alarming is the shortsightedness of people. Who can't even figure it out for themselves.As for me, there is too much noise around and what is offensive is the real problems of humanity, not to mention specific countries with their wars and other things, no one cares. I can imagine how residents of the same Uganda or Somalia look at this. And someone there still says and great things that do not have them all do not care, worry about the temple and then selfachi on the background will not be in front of what to do

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