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  1. And if there is no goal? If it all just happened by itself like this? The creature has a goal. For an ant – to bring some bullshit to the anthill, for a person-to try to make a decent life for himself (here the methods are different, someone is a bandit. someone is a deputy. someone working). But the Sun, like a star, has no problems-just a cloud of hydrogen compressed to the possibility of a thermonuclear reaction, and gave energy for the emergence of life, which has developed so much that it can ask these questions. Philosophy in general is essentially a sign of a well-fed society that can afford to support individuals who do not produce material goods and do not provide services, but are engaged in political science.

  2. The purpose of our existence on earth-has two possible interpretations –

    1. Extremely simplified / simplistic household low-scientific option-formulated in the question and given to people from birth.

    2. The most complete version – set by Nature/The universe/the Whole – here everything is much more complex and science-intensive. Man is implicitly used to solve very large problems of Nature/The universe.

    What man and the universe have in common – in terms of their main tasks – is survival and development (accumulation of experience).

  3. Here you have a vague statement and a complicated question in one message.

    Let's start with the first one:

    • If the purpose of our existence on earth is reproduction of our own kind and death …

    .. the statement is incorrect, because it is half-hearted, because to claim Death as the goal of human life is the same as to claim education as meaningless! Why study if we're going to die anyway!?

    From this it follows that the goal of human life is to learn something. As the once great secular scoffer K. Prutkov remarked: – “Death is placed at the end of life in order to prepare for it more conveniently.”

    What does this mean?

    We open the Bible and literally in the first chapter of Genesis we learn about the purpose of human life: –

    • ” … And God said, Let us make man in our image [and] in our likeness …”,

    ..- from the following text, it becomes clear that God Himself created man only in His own image, but this temporary life is just designed to become the LIKENESS of GOD by the free will of man himself! According to the Word of the Son of God: “… you must be born again ... “! For subsequent existence already in eternal Life … like Angels (Matthew 22: 30).

    As for the second part of your address, it becomes obvious from the above that the universe is a timeless space of conservation of the Energy of the Mind in Its Wisdom!


  4. In order to find out the purpose of the universe, you need to think about what purpose the universe was created for, and the universe in my opinion lives and exists like any thing or living organism according to programs written or created for everything, the purpose of the universe is to reproduce life and support harmony in everything, because whatever was created is created for the sole purpose, to use it, to develop and to benefit,� something is never created so that it immediately destroys itself�

  5. If the goal of our existence was to reproduce our own kind and die, then why would we need intelligence? Why do we need subtle emotional intelligence? Why do we need a sense of beauty?

    A pig, a dog, or even an earthworm can perfectly cope with the goal you described. Why bother so much (I don't know who or what you believe in – God, evolution, aliens or something) and create such a complex person, if his whole goal is to productively fuck around and die? This is illogical.

  6. What makes you think that the purpose of our existence is reproduction and death?

    If you want a scientific answer, it doesn't exist. Science only studies how our world works. And to answer this question, you need to go beyond science.

    From the point of view of Christianity: our world now (after the fall of Adam and Eve) is a preparation for eternal life. Therefore, our universe exists so that we can achieve this goal.

  7. “And now the Lord showed me to Abraham the intelligences organized before the world was; and among all these were many noble and great. And God saw these souls and that they were good, and standing among them He said: These I will make my rulers; for He stood among those who were spirits, and He saw that they were good; and He said to me: Abraham, you are one of them; you were chosen before you were born. And there stood one like unto God in the midst of them; and He said unto them that were with them,: We will go down, for there is space, and we will take from those matters and create an Earth on which they can live. And there we will test them to see if they will do all that the Lord their God commands them; And those who are faithful in their first genesis will be added; but those who are not faithful in their first genesis will not have glory in the same Kingdom as those who are faithful in their first genesis; and on the heads of those who are faithful in their second genesis will be added glory forever and ever.” This is from the book of Abraham 3: 22-26. We were all spirits in heaven in our first existence, just like Abraham. And the fact that we are now on earth in the flesh means that in the first existence, that is, in the spiritual world, we chose God as our Father, and now we are all passing the test of earthly life in our second existence. And in our memory, God has put a veil, so that we do not remember anything about our first existence and start everything from scratch. Having bodies in the image and likeness of God and having freedom of choice. Each of us can say to ourselves that there is no God, and that I am my own god.Someone can choose a monkey as their progenitor. My Father is my Creator, the Heavenly Father. Man; this is the greatest creation of God, and the whole universe, it is for the children of God, and around us, and we are His children, the center of all God's concerns. And there is nothing more grandiose than the gift that God has given man, it is the gift of being able to create bodies for the spirits who are in Heaven and are looking forward to their turn, to find a God-like body on earth.

  8. The universe has a threefold purpose. Serve as a repository of an unthinkable amount of information. Distribute ennergia within yourself, exactly equally, without frills. Well, pass the test and prove that It is Perfect. At the present time, our universe is undergoing a lesson in trying to use our weak minds to prove the right to exist after the End of the former World comes. We unite our minds and hear Her call can either pomochit Her in this, or-destroy us all forever..)

  9. This question can be answered unambiguously and accurately.

    The scientific point of view is that the purpose of our existence on Earth does not exist, the purpose of the universe – too.

    But each person has the freedom of will to invent a purpose and meaning for his life independently.

    According to my observations, even just surviving is already a good goal. Just recently, it wasn't easy to achieve. And not everyone could make children and even more so raise them properly.

    In addition, the concept of goal intersects with meaning and causal relationships: to achieve something, you need to at least imagine these connections, and even better be able to create them.

    Well, as you know, the answer to the Main question of life, the universe and all that is 42.


  10. Goal setting is one of the basic functions of intelligence.

    It is not necessary to transfer it to inanimate objects and phenomena.

    Earth and water, wind and stars have no purpose. They just exist.

  11. Such a goal will be primitive, not only for humans, but even for the cells that make up their body.
    Each cell has a developing consciousness that responds to environmental factors, interacts with it and changes.
    Not to mention a person
    or the universe.
    A more meaningless goal than to be born for the sake of death,” even one-day butterflies will not dream in a terrible dream”.)
    All the diversity of life forms is created for the possibility of interaction with each other,
    in the development and improvement of this interaction.
    And human life is a vivid example of this.

  12. There are some unanswered questions that are known only to the Creator Himself. But man is given reason and many other things, and this is not accidental. Man tries to penetrate the mysteries of the universe by going deeper and deeper, and there is no end to it. Knowing the laws of the universe, trying to know the world, a person knows himself, the meaning of his existence.
    Studying the world, first of all, one is struck by its infinite variety, including the person himself as a part of it. This diversity is provided not only by different devices and properties, but also by different laws of development, which, although they seem to be common to all things, are individual for everything and everything. That is why there is no single meaning and purpose, but there is a strictly individual choice and aspiration.
    The Source, as the Creator of all things, is intelligent creative energy. Therefore, the whole world was created consciously according to the inherent laws of being. Man is so absorbed in his own intelligence that he believes that the whole world revolves around him and for him. But the more we study and observe the world, the more we become convinced of its infinite variety of structures and forms of existence, including forms of mind, life, and the multi-dimensionality of worlds.
    Perhaps it is the infinite variety of the world that is the key to understanding the purpose and basic law (condition) of its existence.
    It is hard to imagine that such a reasonable and complex world, subject to the universal law of being, did not take care of protecting its vital functions.
    It is impossible not to notice that the world does not stand still. One thing dies, another appears, new, unprecedented forms of life. All this requires constant total control. But there is one more point. The Universal Mind. It is impossible to imagine the Mind without its constant development and perfection. This is a necessary condition for its existence!!!
    So we come to the main question. But how can the Source ensure constant total control and development of itself, which is constantly changing? Through their assistants who know all the universal laws and have the ability to track all the slightest changes in any part of the universe!
    I'm not going to impose my vision of the world order on anyone. This is my personal worldview, which connects all possible aspects of spiritual and physical life.
    Source (I like this very succinct word) flesh from its own flesh gives birth to immortals (like him) Souls. They appear completely pure, not filled with knowledge and experience, but already able to accept absolutely any new information, both spiritual and material. And even though Souls are born from the same Source, they are like the children of their “parents” are all different, with different abilities, characters, interests, just like the children of people. Souls live in a spiritual world of absolute love, where there is no judgment and punishment, but only help and support, where everyone is equal, but there is respect and recognition of knowledge and experience. In the spirit world, young souls are trained by their Teachers before their subsequent incarnations in the bodies of intelligent beings to experience real life with real feelings, in the harsh conditions of various trials. To do this, each Soul individually, with the help of its Teachers and Mentors, selects the right life and the right person for its incarnation. In this she is often helped by kindred Spirits, playing the necessary “roles” – life. Thus, by constantly learning and improving, Souls ensure the life of the Source itself, giving it everything it needs, and therefore everything that exists in the world.

  13. Why is the purpose of our existence on earth to reproduce our own kind and die? Whose opinion do you repeat? All people's statements on any occasion are just their personal opinion. And you either agree with their opinion and it becomes your truth and reality, or you disagree and create your own opinion by studying life.

    The universe can have no purpose. It simply exists, because it is simply created. What is the purpose of a table or chair? None at all. The goal was for the person who created the idea of a table or chair, and then did something to create these products.

    Only a person can create a thought, an emotion and make an effort to implement their ideas.

    If you want to ask what is the purpose of creating this physical universe, then the question is more correct.

    Have you ever made plasticine into soldiers, dolls, horses, objects? Why did you do this? What was your goal?

    Answer these questions and find out the answers to all your other questions.

  14. In Hinduism, the following model is considered … The creator of the universe, Brahma, is just sleeping, and his wife comes up to him and kicks him (because she is bored).. At this point, Brahma turns over, and while he is doing this, he dreams of the universe .. and he goes back to sleep without dreams.

    at this moment of turning, the universe appears, lives its life, and disappears … and somewhere in the universe there are us, living on a small planet near an ordinary star …

    from this model, Hindus try to deduce all the meanings and all the wisdom .. including the meaning of human life … after all, what is only a moment for Brahma is billions of years for the universe … for which you can do a lot of things.

  15. The answer lies in the question itself. If a person is born in order to die, leaving behind offspring, then the universe, apparently, the whole process of its existence is preparing for death, in order to give rise to some new existence.

    Another thing is that, excuse me, I express my point of view, it is rather naive to believe that a person is born only for reproduction and death. Let me explain. Let's leave the person for now.

    Take the ants. They are born, they live by providing the uterus, and they die. But is this all they achieve in the course of their existence? Each generation of ants strives for the anthill to flourish more and more, become larger, become more comfortable, then there are two anthills, they expand their sphere of influence. The result of the life of ants is entire continents inhabited by thriving anthills. (This is ideally without taking into account the fact that they can be food for other organisms.)

    However, ants are quite highly developed creatures.

    Let's take the example of ordinary mosquitoes. They live one day, are born, give offspring and die. But what is the result of their activities? Flocks of frogs feeding on mosquitoes, in turn, frogs allow herons to live, etc.

    The key to my whole thought is DEVELOPMENT.

    All living beings, striving to fulfill the biological imperative of procreation, to one degree or another try to adapt the environment to themselves, giving more and more new impetus to the development of the world in which they exist.

    My opinion is that this desire for development is also inherent in human nature, which in the consciousness formed by evolution has been transformed into curiosity and a desire to know the world. And in the effect formed by society, called “personality”, it developed into the desire to find answers to questions about the meaning of existence.

    And my answer given above is the same for all levels of existence-Development. I believe it also applies to the entire universe.

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