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  1. If I had the opportunity to choose, I would choose to be the head of a state-owned company in Russia. I'm not interested in politics, just money. A lot of money.

  2. For me, the answer here is pretty obvious. I would become a senator in the United States. Like other senators, I would have a chance to lead the country, become its leader, and have a great influence in world politics; what can not be said about the head of the country “somewhere in Eastern Europe”.

  3. I've been to the US Senate, talked to senators, and at the workplace, so to speak :). Nice, prestigious place. You can do a lot for yourself and for the country. But there are severe restrictions on opportunities, in comparison with the President, as a previous commentator put it, “somewhere in Eastern Europe.” This is good, correct, but not so interesting :). And not being born in the United States, you can't jump higher than a senator…

    Therefore, I would probably choose the option of the presidency, because, I think, I would try to implement a huge number of innovations and best practices in the system of public administration, make it as transparent as possible, build (change/strengthen) the necessary state and civil institutions in such a way that the country is minimally dependent on individuals and preserves the path to continuous development – both technological, social, economic and, very importantly, intellectual and moral.

    If this proposal was made 10 years ago, I would have rushed without hesitation, but now… Now there is such a stage in life when, despite much more experience, you realize that wisdom comes only over the years and not before the 5th decade, and sometimes even the 6th… And the head of state without wisdom is some kind of tank in a chicken coop, or something… So, if I agree, it will be no earlier than in 10-15 years – there is still a lot to learn and a lot to understand in life.

    P.S. Is there an option to go there? ;)))

  4. Of course, I would become a simple senator in the States. The USA is the world's leader. They are actively promoting their politics, technology, culture and globalization around the world. They were even able to carry out military incursions against the dictators of small countries without asking for permission from the UN (Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, etc.). Although not everyone views the United States positively, it has established itself as a superpower. The same cannot be said about Moldova, which is not just a small, but literally microscopic country in Europe.

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