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  1. Do not forget that in subsequent seasons, when “Daddy's Daughters grew up”, she worked in the company of a millionaire,and did well there. Since there aren't enough characters up to 140, Daddy's Daughters is the top. All pis ✌ ️

  2. There was one episode in which the GP goes to a special school for geeks with a change of 10 seconds and it didn't take root there. GS is just a hard worker and well done jerzy

  3. After all, there was a series where she was offered to get into the elite special class of Russia ” and in this class she turned out to be the worst because as it was written earlier, she is an ordinary excellent student

  4. It seems to me that in the series, the directors wanted to show an ordinary excellent student, no more. Just a contrast – Masha, who is fond of dresses and guys, Dasha is a problem informal teenager, Zhenya is popularly “patsanka”, Pugovka is an ordinary child with her own quirks, and Galina Sergeevna is an excellent student, reads books, is more literate than all her sisters.

    After all, there were no prerequisites to think that the heroine was a child prodigy, she only read books, gave the whole class to write off, did stable homework.

    As I wrote above, it just shows different personalities as much as possible. And Galina Sergeevna is neither a child prodigy nor a skilled user of her mediocre data.

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