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  1. Protein is another name for protein. Protein is useful)

    If you mean protein in dry mixes for sports nutrition-well, just like with carbohydrates and fats. If you eat a lot of sugar with cakes and rolls, it will not be useful. If you constantly eat lard, spreading butter on it and dipping it in vegetable oil, it will become easier. And so – all this is quite useful: cakes, lard, and protein in food))

    It's just that the athlete knows exactly why they are using the same mixtures; and without physical exertion, in terms of increasing muscle mass, this, for example, is meaningless.

  2. Hello!

    Protein is protein. And protein is simply necessary for the vital activity of our body. It is responsible for the flow of many biochemical processes and is the building material for our muscles. It also helps speed up your metabolism and boost your immune system.

    Protein-rich foods: poultry, beef, lamb, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, nuts.

  3. Protein powders are an additional source of protein in the diet. Protein is essential for building, maintaining, and repairing muscle.

    The first step to increase protein in your diet is to add meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, dairy products, beans, and nuts. These are complete protein sources that contain all nine essential amino acids.

    Protein powders are convenient to use if you have a complex schedule and it is difficult to eat every two to three hours.

    Another advantage of powders is that the body easily and quickly assimilates them. The powder contains whey milk protein, which is absorbed faster than the main full — fledged milk protein-casein. Therefore, after a workout, protein supplements may be more useful than food.

  4. It is useful in principle to eat properly, observing the norms of KBZHU, choosing high-quality products. Protein is a protein that is important for the healthy functioning of the body. I once had a shortage of protein according to the norm of KBZHU, and I felt bad, I was constantly ill, my hair was climbing, it was worth the doctor prescribing a high-protein diet and after a couple of months everything went as if it had never happened. Now, too, it can be difficult to get protein to the daily norm, here protein shakes are just to help, I have turboslim protein food, usually I take it as a snack, delicious, saturates for a long time. In the diet, it is useful to take this extra, it contains only 80 kcal, while 17 g of protein, micro-and macronutrients, coenzyme Q10, hyaluronic acid, makes up for deficiencies during food restriction.

  5. “Everything is useful in moderation.”

    Useful, but what do you mean by that word? Use it in its pure form or mixture with any favorable consequences? If yes, and for example, you want to gain muscle mass, then only food can not do.�

    And so, the word protein is a generalization.

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