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  1. It is not clear in principle your desire to wake yourself up every half hour. Set the alarm immediately for the time when you really need to get up. As rightly noted in the already available answer, the duration of a full sleep cycle is 1.5-2 hours. During this time, the brain “goes through” all the stages of sleep: naps, shallow sleep, deep sleep, and REM. Therefore, if you are limited in time, that is, you definitely can not afford to sleep the usual time, focus on waking up after completing a full sleep cycle. Then the awakening will be as comfortable as possible, and drowsiness will not come so soon. If you set your alarm for 30 minutes, you won't get enough sleep. The awakening will be heavy, the head will be blurred, etc.

  2. It is better to rearrange the alarm time by an hour and a half, and in general, set the alarm clock based on the total sleep time, a multiple of one and a half hours. This time is approximately equal to one cycle of sleep of an adult, and it is better to wake up just at the end of the cycle, then you will wake up well-rested. But if you move the alarm clock for half an hour, then you will be lucky, depending on what stage of sleep it went off.

  3. You can get enough sleep if you sleep at certain hours, and not at night. The earlier you go to bed, the faster and better your body will recover. One hour in the evening replaces 3-4 hours of sleep, and at night it replaces only 30 minutes.

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