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  1. Various intellectual theories about the rational reconstruction of society arise in the process of endless improving brainstorming conducted by Western intellectuals. Specifically, anarchism cannot be implemented because in the process of such brainstorming, it was already rejected a hundred years ago. Such theories are usually too simple and idealistic, they do not take into account the complexity of the social structure and, to a large extent, are the product of a particular historical epoch. Roughly speaking, people will come up with something here and now because they see the world exactly here and now like this. The ideas of the second half of the 19th century in the 21st century are already archaic both in form and content.

    Just imagine the process of brainstorming like this: a lot of people are sitting in a large smoky room, drinking coffee in liter mugs, and constantly generating ideas on how to improve everything around us. At some point, someone says: let's make huge rubber cows, inflate them with helium and launch them into the sky. 500 cows a day, about the size of a small airship. I did a little research here and realized that cows should improve public well-being by 37 percent, reduce suicide rates by 23 percent, and reduce drug addiction by 56 percent. Due to huge orders for rubber and pumps, the economy should grow by 11.3 percent a year!�

    Well, people in the room say: Well, why, the idea is basically sound! Only there are many different problems with its implementation, ranging from the size of cows and their number, and ending with the fact that they are rubber. As a result, it all ends with the fact that stylized figures of cows measuring 50 by 25 centimeters are stenciled on public transport stops in one of the capital's districts as an experiment, and after some time the experiment fails, because its only result is that hooligans draw whiskers and pipis to cows.

    Here with ideas for the reconstruction of society in the same way: they are constantly being tested by intellectual brainstorming. Some things are even partially implemented, but mostly go to the trash can. So if anarchism didn't shoot, well, it didn't shoot…

  2. I don't think that's a good idea.
    First — there are too many options.
    Secondly, someone still has to manage and coordinate the process, and this will inevitably lead to the formation of elites, and this is no longer anarchy.
    Third, someone has to finance this disaster. I don't think there will be anyone willing.

  3. It is possible to embody,in one form or another,of course, most of the ideas that exist in the mind

    But the question is not only in their existence, at least in the mind, we always had enough ideas

    The question is implementation, or rather some symbolic or abstract “implementation cost”.

    First of all, it depends on the scale of the enterprise�

    It is one thing to implement it in Russia, another in Europe, the third in Eurasia, and the fourth in the whole world.

    By the way, this idea will have to be implemented all over the world, since the existence of at least one state may be a threat to anarchy

    Then resources will be needed to counter the idea of the state.

    Historically, almost all of our resources are behind this idea. And since we also need to go through a peaceful path, we will have to surpass the state in the field of education, economy, and even culture.

    Looking at all this, it is difficult to say how much it is even possible, and even without violence.�

    However, in the modern world, with the growing level of awareness of each individual, and the growth of technology, perhaps someday in 1000-5000 years, we will no longer need the idea of the state.

    However, it is possible that the states will disappear in 5-10 years. And perhaps they will never disappear.

  4. I think this is a plus or minus and it will be so. The decline in the role of the state in the world is inevitable, no matter how much politicians try to regulate bitcoin and the Internet.

  5. there is no way to embody anarchism, because anarchism is a utopia. Self-regulation of 8 billion egoists is not even nonsense, it is something akin to the idea of “New Vasyuki” – just a hundred rubles for telegrams and everything will start spinning. Well, let it be 21 rubles and 60 kopecks.)

    Even in a family consisting of two people living amicably and having common interests, it is not so easy to self-regulate everything, but what about a huge crowd of unconscious, sly, self-serving, lazy, insidious, greedy, cowardly, etc. people ? Anarchism is a utopia even worse than communism. Without power, human society is not possible – it will turn into hell. And if decent people do not come to power, the holy place is never empty – the unworthy will come to it. In the forest, wolves and foxes would most likely advocate for anarchy.

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