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  1. Yes, the Wikium service works on the freemium model, i.e. there is both paid and free access.�

    Reduced functionality in free access consists in a smaller number of simulators and limited statistics. A paid account allows you to use a full arsenal of simulators (there are currently 44 of them), track full progress statistics for all time, and compare your results with other users.

    What's available for free:

    When registering on the site, the user is asked to complete a questionnaire (what would you like to improve?) and a rapid test to determine the level of cognitive abilities. Based on this information, a personalized daily training program is built. It includes:�

    • 12 free simulators: 3 for attention, 3 for thinking and 6 for memory; �
    • the user can also view training statistics for the current day and compare them with their own results for the week.�
    • in addition to daily training on free access, you can work out on any available simulator for no more than 4 sets per day.
  2. There is no free one. Only paid services. I think if the director says so, you won't humiliate yourself, will you? Isn't that right? So you should not believe his words. and finally, pay to play a game that has an analog for free on the Internet? This is the same as buying a kilo of sand in the Sahara for $ 2. It's completely absurd. As soon as I got there, I realized that it was time to move out not only from that site, but even from the planet

  3. Tell me. Scoring neurons at the end of a task, is this a scoring system called “neurons”? Or is it the number of generated neurons in the head during the task solution?

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