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  1. I will not argue with the experts from the world of medicine and psychology, expressed above. But for some – and Venedikt Yerofeyev is the most striking example of this – alcoholism not only did not interfere, but even helped to reveal themselves and their potential. By and large, does it make any difference how you “call” your muse and draw inspiration? The result is important. And someone, who has been preaching sobriety all his life, remains a preacher on a greasy sofa, sometimes even forgetting to use the very brains that he is afraid to drink.

  2. Yes, it's real. You can turn into an aquarium fish. One of the most serious consequences of alcoholism is Korsakov's syndrome. Its main manifestation is fixation amnesia (inability to remember and store information), which makes patients completely helpless, they do not know where they are, do not know what date and time of year, do not recognize relatives and their belongings, can not even find the toilet.

    Also, almost all events of the past are erased in their memory. The beginning of a new day (or hour) for them marks the beginning of a new life. New surroundings, unfamiliar faces. At the same time, the patient retains intelligence and thinking. So they can perform basic tasks, such as mopping floors. But his life is completely confined to the walls of a hospital or boarding school. The prognosis is unfavorable: over the years, the memory improves slightly, but it never fully recovers.

  3. Very real indeed. Walking down the street, seeing an alcoholic friend (sometimes, yes), you will probably know who this person was in the past. Now this is not the same person ,but with him it is not as interesting as it was before, well, or not so fun, it seems that this person is generally stupid. This can be concluded that the brain is really drunk.

  4. Alcohol, ethyl alcohol-poison. The use of poison is thrown into the minds of many people under the guise of customs, traditions,customs, celebrations. Навяз It is imposed with the help of movies, TV, advertising, newspapers, radio, etc. �The result of using any dose of alcohol is the death of brain neurons ,потеря loss of a measure of understanding, awareness, and a negative impact on the entire body �as a whole. At birth, the child does not need alcohol, smoking, or other drugs from birth. Brainwashing

    • Really! The Vedas speak of four types of intoxication-alcohol and intoxicants (drugs); meat and hunting; illegal sex (outside the family and restrictions); lying (also speculation and gambling). This is also confirmed by many modern scientists. These four drugs kill the brain and lead to complete degradation. Those who violate these 4 principles become unreliable for others and themselves, because for their own enjoyment a person will go to great lengths when he is unrestrained, does not have self-control. There are four pillars of religion and, accordingly, four pillars of godlessness: truthfulness and its opposite-lies, compassion (mercy) and its opposite-violence, asceticism – dissatisfaction, purity – discord. The four pillars of religion are destroyed by the four pillars of godlessness that I have described above. Since ancient times, it was believed that those who do not violate the 4 pillars of religion, he is a civilized person… For example, until the beginning of the 18th century, alcohol in Russia was sold only in cities and only in pubs, which were one per city. Drunkenness was considered shameful by the people. Here is the truth about “drinking Russia”. There is a good video on this topic.


  5. Yes, literally. You can drink the brain, liver, heart, kidneys, stomach and generally a lot of organs. But at the same time-it is unlikely that something will pass first and kill you before the rest. It's only a matter of time.

  6. Many have already done so. Let us recall the lines from Yesenin: “My friend, my friend, I am very, very ill. I don't know where the pain came from. Whether the wind hums over an empty and deserted field, or whether alcohol showers brains like a grove in September?” He wrote these wonderful poems back when the disintegration of the personality under the influence of alcohol was just beginning. Read his other poems of this period, scary, primitive, painful, and you will see that the brain can be completely drunk.

    Rats that were implanted with electrodes in the center of the brain responsible for pleasure, starved – they did not have time to eat: they were too busy, constantly pressing the lever that supplied current to this electrode. Similarly, a person who gets access to the pleasure center in the brain through alcohol or other drugs forgets about everything else. Constant excitation in this center leads to inhibition of the activity of other brain centers, which gradually atrophy. For some, this happens earlier, for others-later, depending on how developed other centers are. But it happens to all alcoholics, it's just a matter of time.

  7. It's real to drink, and you don't have to spend years doing it. Every drink is a mini brain-booze. Take the physiology and chemistry of the process. Alcohol is known to be used for degreasing surfaces. Once in the blood, it affects red blood cells that have a special lubricant, which is electrified by friction against the walls of blood vessels. Red blood cells carry a unipolar negative charge, and therefore they have the initial property of repelling each other. The alcohol-containing liquid removes this protective layer and relieves electrical stress. At the same time, red blood cells acquire a new property: they begin to stick together, forming larger balls. The process proceeds in the mode of snowballs, the size of which increases with the amount of alcohol consumed. Lumps of red blood cells begin to squeeze through the vessels, and the vessels are not the smallest diameter in the brain, eyes, etc. they just burst and microbleeds occur. We see them in the form of redness of the face, eyes, neck. We can't see the brain, but the state of intoxication is the death of brain cells as a result of oxygen starvation due to the fact that nutrients did not reach the neurons: the capillaries conducted by the blood burst. Irreversible death of neurons as a result of thrombosis and micro-strokes in the cerebral cortex leads to the loss of some information and to short-term memory disorders.

    A gloomy morning comes. My head is cracking. A hangover is a process associated with the removal of dead neurons from the brain due to lack of blood supply. The body rejects dead cells. To do this, increased pressure is created in the cerebral cortex due to the increased flow of fluid and, in fact, direct physiological “washing” of the brain. Hence the dryness and plentiful drinking. Then the kidneys, the bladder..The person who took a hefty dose of alcohol the day before literally urinates with his own brains in the morning. Those dead cells that never recover. Therefore, if the drinking process is prolonged for a long time, degradation always occurs. This is unavoidable, and how long it will take for an individual depends on the specific organism.

  8. Really. This is called alcoholic encephalopathy. But, of course, it must be earned. The most serious consequences of alcoholism-encephalopathy, cardiomyopathy and cirrhosis of the liver require, of course, time and conditions. It is necessary to drink regularly, a lot and without snacks. This is hard work, and few people survive to these diseases-rather, they die from injuries. However, there are organisms that respond to alcohol intoxication much faster. And it also happens that a person drinks all his life – and nothing. You can't guess.

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