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  1. Right. Pavlov started doing this, remember about Pavlov's dogs? This is called a conditioned reflex in science. Pleasant habits arise faster, unpleasant ones occur in a maximum of 21 days. * The habit of smoking is a pleasant habit, plus it is also a light drug*. That is, if you want to quit smoking, you will have to go 21 days without smoking in order to develop the habit of not smoking. But if you start eating 1 chocolate candy at exactly 6 pm, then you will have the habit of eating one chocolate candy in the evening at this time in 6-7 days. Knowing this property of the psyche, using it for your own benefit, you can get rid of bad habits and replace them with useful ones. This ALWAYS works. One minus – willpower is required for 21 whole days((((((…. And I'm sad….

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