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  1. Of course, this is not true, as is most news of this kind. This untruth is obtained by distorting and distorting the original news.

    Original news:



    What do we see there?

    That the music training course is planned to expand beyond classical symphony into various ethnic traditions.

    That a separate Oxford professor called traditional notation “colonial”. It seems to me that the line between “the opinion of an individual professor” and “the official position of Oxford” should be visible to the naked eye. But not to the journalists of the newspaper “Tomorrow”. However, someone else harbors illusions about the newspaper “Tomorrow”?

  2. Well, since the “cancellation culture” is essentially the cancellation of the culture, then this may come to this. Indeed, if we look at keyboard instruments, we notice an outrageous segregation – the keys are black and white. Is there any racism here? At the same time, all whites have their own names-fa, sol, la. And black is given a name depending on the owner-G sharp or A flat. This is unacceptable. You'll see, soon all the keys will turn blue. It will be politically correct.

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