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  1. It is not true that addiction also causes both psychological and physical-sleep disorders, when a person can no longer fall asleep without a dose, eating disorders (loss of appetite), sometimes apathy and psychosis. It's all about dosages, as in the case of alcohol/nicotine, someone smokes once a week and feels great, and someone hammers several times a day and is constantly in an amoeba state.

  2. First, marijuana is just as hallucinogenic as tobacco is a stimulant, for example. It is very, very difficult to “catch a glitch” from grass, it depends on the percentage of THC in the plant. Personally, my environment, in which most people have tried or used this substance on a regular basis, has never seen hallucinations during a trip.�

    Secondly, cannabis is a psychoactive substance that causes euphoria by stimulating the release of serotonin. Any substance or activity that a person enjoys, such as watching TV shows or eating sweets, can cause psychological dependence.�

    NO. Withdrawal from hashish(psych. dependence on THC-containing substances) is formed very slowly relative to the same alcohol or nicotine. Nicotine, in general, holds the record for the rate of development of mental dependence in humans-33% of people “get hooked” on it, while only 9% on grass.

    It has also long been proven that marijuana does not cause cancer and cannot kill a person, since its lethal dose is equal to several kilograms.

  3. Hallucinogens are generally not addictive. At the same time, the hallucinogenic effect of the herb is quite mild and “light”, its main effect is inhibition.

  4. what nonsense. Marijuana is not a hallucinogen. It's a psychoactive substance. But there are definitely no glitches from it. These stupid things are made up by strange people, apparently the same ones who claim that marijuana is a springboard to hard drugs. These people apparently do not understand that if you open all the people who smoke marijuana, then 30 percent of all the inhabitants of the planet would be sitting on heroin. Yes, a lot of people smoke, you don't even know about it!

  5. I assume that you have confused the concepts of “hallucinogen “and”psychedelic”.
    Dependence causes psychological, at least, since many who have tried it, eventually start smoking every day, like before beer alcoholism.

  6. and another questionable conclusion that follows from your question is that hallucinogens cause addiction a priori. Physiological-no, psychological-unlikely

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