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  1. And what is applicable? You may notice that all concepts are created by observers in the process of observation, so we don't know what something like an objective universe looks like.

  2. Generally speaking, the concept of “noosphere” is absent in science.

    For example, if we take the definition of Leroy, then this is not science at all, but mysticism.

    So the very first question is: what do you think is the noosphere?


  3. My hypothesis:

    In all Universes, there is the birth, existence, and destruction of Dark Matter again, and the birth of other universes.

    But the Universe, which includes the Solar System, may have and will have infinite Life. And I'm sure it depends on the actions of Plasma-level humans.

    If we take the concept of the Noosphere, then the Noosphere is the Energy of Long-term Memory, preserved by a generation of all people who have lived and are living on the Planet Earth.,

    The Noosphere (the Memory of Mankind) could be preserved only in the Light Energy-magnetic Field of the Planet Earth, into which the Energies of Light-bearing Etheric Bodies (Biofield)are drawn People after physical death.

    The luminiferous Ether was able to form only on the Planet Earth, due to the presence of a number of subjective conditions inherent only to the Planet Earth.

    Here is a great article about the Light-bearing Ether “Humanity will not survive anywhere but Earth”:


    Such as the cosmic location of the Planet Earth on the sidelines of the Milky Way Galaxy and the third Earth from the Sun, the electro-magnetic effect of the planet's Core, the presence of water, air atmosphere, heat of the Earth and Energy of the Sun.

    The Noosphere itself can only exist on the Planet Earth.

    The Planet Earth itself is part of the Solar System.

    The solar System is located in the Coronation Circle in the Perseus Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.

    The Milky Way galaxy revolves around a Black Hole, from which it was born on the site of a Quasar that calmed down.

    A Black Hole is Dark Matter that has started the Cycle of Nucleosynthesis,

    There is a scientific article about the process of nucleosynthesis:


    as a result, a Quasar was formed, then Star Clusters, Stars and Planets, and Fragments of Stars and Planets: Asteroids, Comets, and something else.

    Clusters of galaxies form the universe. Clusters of Universes form a Manifested World that rotates at various complex speeds around Rotating Centers of Dark Matter.

    The entire Unmanifested World is Dark Matter, consisting of a Proton-a Hydrogen Nucleon in a Potential Energy plastic metallic state without the Energy of Light.

    So there are many Universes outside the Luminous Ether of the Earth and part of its Memory =Knowledge of Humanity (Noosphere).

    The existence of Universes has 3 phases of existence with the receipt of an Initial Energy Pulse: the beginning of occurrence in Dark Matter, duration and ending with the completion of the received Pulse and gradual completion before Collapsing into an Atom without an electron and a nucleus, that is, into a Proton, which is both an atom and a nucleus.

    Universes are dying, but somewhere new universes are being born. There is an endless process of creation and destruction.

    The universe, which includes the Milky Way Galaxy together with the Solar System and the Planet Earth, has an origin, has an age, but the continuation of the life of the Universe depends on the Energy of the Light Ether of the Earth and the Noosphere,

    In the Luminiferous Ether itself, there are also Many Life Levels of people. There is the highest Level-Plasma, which creates the diversity of Nature and people on the Planet Earth.

    Only Light-Bearing Consciousnesses renew the Noosphere of Planet Earth. And the more such Consciousnesses there are, the Brighter the Spectrum of Energy of All People's Consciousnesses in the Luminous Ether.

    This Energetic Diversity of Consciousnesses is similar to the Energy of the Earth's Rainbow-This Miracle of electromagnetic phenomena in water drops.

    Everything is in the hands of Your People! From level to level of all people on planet Earth. The hardest work and life goes on at the Physical Level of planet Earth. Because it is here that the animal (Carnal) part of a person is overcome on the way to Realizing Himself as a Person with His Own Free Will.

    But the Energy of Carnal Images is also strong on the subsequent Levels of the Luminous Ether, since this Energy of Memory contains exactly the Carnal Needs-the Desires of the human body. But the impact of the Knowledge of the Noosphere already affects the Consciousness of a person more at this Level, and the Awareness of Oneself and one's capabilities is better, and a person is already looking for New knowledge and Changing living conditions with less fear.

    The Energy of Consciousness is improved from one Level to the Next. Therefore, the Energy of Consciousness remains at the Level that most accommodates the Human Consciousness. Therefore, people have been living at certain levels for centuries, changing their shells, but remaining at the Same Level.

    People with the Highest Energy of the Plasma Level are Fearless, Looking for New and more Advanced Knowledge. And this is exactly how people created the Living Natural Physical World of the Earth, and They also improve Other Levels of the Earth.

  4. Not obligatory…after all,in addition to us,in the universe,it seems, there are still intelligent beings, judging by the fact that we observe strange UFOs that periodically appear over well-defined terrestrial objects and are clearly interested in what is happening.

    If for us this concept of “age of the universe” is important, because it is tied to a lot in different areas of terrestrial science, then why can't the same situation be for extraterrestrials, let's say?

    And if we assume that the same,let's say, Nibiru really exists, then for its inhabitants this concept has not just meaning, but also great significance…

  5. To reformulate your question somewhat, I think it would sound something like this: “Is it true that it is impossible to determine the real age of the universe?”. And only with the help of reason or human “wisdom” (to put it in the old, but very figurative Russian language) is this possible. I personally think that it is impossible to determine the age of the universe, just as it is impossible to measure infinity itself. I don't believe that the universe was created as a result of some kind of “Big Bang”. We, the people who now live on our tiny planet Earth, for some reason really want to realize what exactly we, finally, in the early 21st century of our era have been able to establish exactly where and how fast razletayutsya all space objects and to make a “final” conclusion: all our (unborn) the universe was once concentrated in the same “some” point blank spaces, and then there was “blast” that caused the birth of the modern Universe, and according to our calculations, there was a “Bang” about so many billions of years ago. But it would be interesting (although not real) to “look” at other scientists who “lived” on some planet similar to ours, 10 billion years ago. What could they tell us about the” age “of the universe and the” Big Bang ” and not be surprised by our question at all?

  6. there is no noosphere, but we are just talking about an observer. The main idea for a scientific experiment, including determining the age of the universe at the time of the experiment, is Objectivity, i.e. the result of the experiment does not depend on the personality of the observer.

    And the fact that the experiments take place one after another and the age of the object of observation changes at the same time-so this is completely normal and logical )) The concept of “age” is not once and for all, but the clever author cannot stop time in his futile attempt to run over Science ))

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