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  1. Clarification – any particular science is “more important than all other sciences” – in its specific direction.

    Philosophy is more important than other sciences not in general, in all senses and directions, but only in a specific philosophical direction/aspect/channel.

  2. Hello! Many scientists, and especially philosophers, like to repeat that philosophy is the basis of all sciences. Indeed, this science appeared before many others. But I do not agree with the statement that philosophy is more important than others. Any science is important in its own way. Agree, in matters of medicine, astronautics is useless, in matters of chemistry, philosophy will not help either. I repeat, any science is important, but only in its own field.

  3. Studying any science makes it possible to earn a piece of bread. Philosophy is a set of opinions of different people about the world, which is absolutely useless in everyday life. Another thing that is more important than all the sciences is the ability to distinguish between good and evil, to do good, to fight evil. In philosophy, there is this, but it is hidden under a mountain of unnecessary husks.

  4. Philosophy is not a science at all, but a separate, special way of knowing the world. Ancient philosophy played a significant role in the development of the scientific method, and eventually all the natural sciences came out of philosophy (in the West, for example, the academic degree in natural sciences is still called “doctor of philosophy”). But this does not mean that philosophy is more important than other sciences. In the questions “how to measure the mass of the Sun”, “how will the rate of chemical reaction change with increasing temperature”, etc. the opinion of a philosopher will be much less weighty than the opinion of a natural scientist, so philosophy is not more important than the natural sciences in their field of applicability. But in such areas as ethics, the question of the existence of God, the meaning of human existence, and other “eternal” questions, philosophy is more important than the natural sciences, because their methodology is not applicable here

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