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  1. Yes, the brain is a drug addict. There are opioid receptors in the brain and the endogenous release of the corresponding substances provokes pleasure, weak euphoria. You can feel the work of this regulatory system when you wake up on a Saturday and don't go to work, when you find an easy way to solve a mental problem. This is how the brain reacts to a decrease in its own energy consumption.

    The brain doesn't always consume information. There is a difference between reading a boring textbook or watching a fantastic movie. In the first case, you have no biological motivation to spend energy on thinking and remembering – and so it's already warm, there is food, etc. In the second case, seeing an unfamiliar environment, the brain believes that a fundamentally new skill of fighting aliens can help survival and consumes and remembers this information more actively.

    Thus, there is no direct link between the consumption of information and opioid regulation; the main motivator of active consumption of new images is animal instincts.

  2. It is necessary to first understand the question, the brain needs information for the reason that as a result of evolutions helped a person to maintain experience and survive in changing environmental conditions this explains why brain functions are so dependent on fear of joy and so on from emotions, krnla person had to think how to escape from the lion and what to figure out at this moment there are simply frenzied reactions, that is, in terms of information, it is correct to say that he is not luibt information but receives it for further survival, in our language of manipulating the environment, that is, for the brain, a new information is just a series of processes for gaining experience in order to adapt to new environmental conditions, this also explains why if we are interested in something or not, it depends on whether we remember the information or not.

  3. My “brain” lives ” its “informational” life. I � already �stopped fighting �with �it � needs of the constantly �to learn something and �to analyze. �Think �it is �in property �the world of universe files and need �for �handle complex �concepts �and � adapt � �them in a more simple and accessible �forms �understanding ) �For �blackout I �use from time to time with alcohol . And he �off � without �any warning when �I �find that doing something on the machine �or just sit � a � hour �staring �at one point . Ничего Nothing �, it happens as говорится they say and worse))

  4. I think the brain is a chemical addict, not an information addict. Everything that spurs us to do this or that action (except for external influence/compulsion) is regulated by the release of certain hormones that bring a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Without them comes apathy, indifference, oppression, unwillingness to live. We are hormone addicts.

  5. I am writing this answer to disagree with the previous one. Yes, the brain gets tired of too much information, but that doesn't mean it's better off without it. It's like saying that since a person can't eat 100 burgers at a time, it's better for him to live without food at all, because it costs energy to find it, chew it, etc.
    In a small amount, the brain likes to solve riddles and learn new things, and rewards dopamine accordingly for this.
    �I don't have a higher biological education myself, but you can watch a wonderful lecture from Vyacheslav Dubynin, who talks about this in detail and explains it better than I do)

  6. All living things on earth have brains, but only humans can think and analyze. In one article I read an interesting idea. The brain is the ” spiritual stomach.” What information we put in it, that it will process. If we eat physical food of poor quality and in large quantities, then our stomach will malfunction. So it is with the “spiritual stomach”. Draw your own conclusions.

  7. No. On the contrary , the brain does not like to consume information and generally analyze , remember. Example: when you receive a large amount of information and analysis, your head starts to ache or you get tired , you feel sleepy-this is an indicator that your brain is already tired of receiving information flows and it wants to rest , since it doesn't need these loads.It is easier to write: the human brain loves nothing but ordinary existence. The brain can live without information , it is even easier for it , it will not have to do anything except maintain the body.

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