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  1. Yes, there is, even if you are sure that you can't draw anything better. The fact is that every artist primarily draws for himself. This is his way of knowing and being in the world, his way of developing. You should feel art in yourself, not yourself in art. Creative activity encourages the formation of new synapses in the brain, especially between those neurons that have never been connected before. Consequently, the probability of insights increases, the effectiveness of decisions increases, and the person develops.

  2. Let's say yes, you wrote one of your best pictures, which received a huge response and brought you worldwide fame. So this is the very moment when you can and should create even more. And there will be more desire for creativity, as your audience will increase, which means that there will be even more feedback and support from the audience. Let's imagine that even if you want to open your own exhibition, people will definitely come to you (especially at the peak of popularity) because they have already recognized you and will buy new paintings from you, customers will appear, and so on.

    And also, if we talk about creativity in general, then creativity is not about making a better picture and leaving, it is about self-expression, about implementing ideas, about creating new things and much more, not counting one of the most important qualities – getting pleasure and a sense of self-realization from creativity by the creator himself.

    So yes, it is definitely worth continuing to create, as long as there is a desire and opportunity. And who knows, maybe the very “Mona Lisa” is not the last masterpiece that you will create.

  3. The creative person gets pleasure and enjoyment from the very act of creation, from the process of creation. I am sure that Leonardo did not write to be famous for centuries, not for money, but only because he enjoyed the process.

  4. A person creates not only for the sake of results. The process is equally important. You may not be able to create anything more famous. But maybe the process will be no less valuable than with the Mona Lisa. Creativity is a state. If it is possible to enter it, then it is such a value that you should not give up just because the Mona Lisa already exists. It is worth continuing to create for yourself

  5. Well, if you manage to stop creating, then, of course, it's better to stop.

    In general, if there is such a question , then, of course, it is better to stop. If you can stop it, stop it. What the hell do you want to do? Yes, and your” Mona Lisa ” better throw out, tudy it in the swing. What the hell does someone need a picture from someone who drew achievements for the sake of and mentally competing with some other people?

    Only one deception of the peoples comes out, no matter how you look at it.

    However, if such questions arise from people, maybe we do not deserve anything better?

  6. For an artist, what he considers brilliant does not always coincide with what the plebs will consider brilliant, this applies not only to paintings, but also to any creativity in general. Inside geniuses, thought processes occur beyond the control of the average person, which is why he is a genius, which means that he sees the world differently and undoubtedly every genius has something that he is proud of and very often it is not recognized at all as the best of what he created.

  7. The fact is that for artists, painting is not only creativity, the desire to express yourself, but also bread, in simple words-work. After one of the works “shot”, attracted attention, you need to work even more to simply earn your bread and butter. If after ” Mona Lisa” to give up everything and go to the factory, then what did the artist strive for? If so, then directors, actors, musicians, and writers would drop everything after the first success.

  8. Of course you need to! “Your Mona Lisa” could attract a large number of viewers and thus attract attention to your other works, and even evaluate which of your works is the best and which is the worst for the audience. Not everyone likes the Mona Lisa 😉

  9. Remembering YouTube's algorithms: you can not rest on your laurels with one masterpiece , you need to create in order not to be forgotten among the creators. And you're lucky if you're the only one who's been around (but we know you're not).

  10. Of course, even if you know that in your own opinion you will not create anything better, then you can relax and write for your own pleasure, perhaps change the style of drawing, and perhaps the creative sphere, if you are sure that your best picture is already ready, then maybe it's time to take on the best sculpture or song?

  11. Many works of art receive worldwide recognition after the death of their creator – this is one time. Second, how can you know that you won't create anything better? And third, does the true creation of a masterpiece have to have a business plan? In my opinion, the creator should be guided solely by inspiration

  12. You need to continue to create, even if you have written the best picture of your life. Because not everyone can understand such masterpieces, and there are people who need easier paintings. And, if anything, there is no limit to perfection.

  13. Don't be discouraged. The Mona Lisa is not a great painting, and Da Vinci is not a master of genius. Take a good look at Italian paintings from Cimambue and Giotto to Titian. You will clearly see that they are more interesting than Da Vinci. And if you add the Northern Renaissance to this, then it immediately becomes clear that Albrecht Durer is much higher. Nowadays, we are well aware of what advertising is. Da Vinci is a victim of advertising. Look at these monotonous faces, including the Mona Lisa. Does that sound like genius? So you still have to create and create!

  14. As it is better nothing will be, will be!!! we must of course create. They always said about the crisis of art, after the Renaissance, that you can't create anything better than Leonardo and Raphael, and painting will die, in the second half of the XVI century, you can't write portraits better than Titian, in the XVII century they said after Velasquez and Rubens, it remains only to copy them … but as they say life is short, art is long…

  15. You need to create what you like. And if you don't get a kick out of what you do, what guarantee is there that someone else will like it, huh? Leonardo da Vinci at one time was looking for innovations in painting, wanted to surprise – he succeeded. Create of course, art will outlive all of us, leave a memory.

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