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  1. At every moment of your life, there will be a different answer for each person.

    Here is a courier who goes to the other end of the city and spends a couple of hours to earn 100 rubles.

    And here is a person with an income who pays 1,000 rubles for an hour of working as a maid to iron his shirts and free up his time.

    But after the courier gets the skills, for example, to repair household appliances, the cost of an hour for him will increase significantly, or even by orders of magnitude. And the second, having lost income, will iron shirts himself, spending the time of his life on this. This depends on the level of competence and the willingness of society to pay for this competence.

    Well, also from the values of a person and the willingness to do what he likes and dislikes (even if it costs a lot of money). And they were absolutely right that time is an irreplaceable resource.

    Although his soul has an eternity!; -)

  2. I think the most important thing is time. You can spend your whole life chasing money, and then wake up one fine morning and see yourself in the mirror as an old man, but with money. When a person is chasing money, life just drains away from him.
    We need to save time, appreciate and cherish every minute of our lives, so that in old age there is nothing to regret.

  3. These are interchangeable things. You can buy time for money (buy the gardener's time, not spend it yourself), you can get money by giving your time at work for it, and money can buy a pleasant pastime. But it is impossible to say what is more important in general. This question is decided separately each time, depending on the circumstances, which is more important for you in this particular situation.

    But what I can say for sure is that impressions are more important than money. And if it seems that the choice in this situation is equivalent, it is better to choose the time and invest it in impressions.

  4. People, what are you doing?) you can earn money, but time is priceless!
    I value my time very much, I have not been an idealist and maximalist for a long time, but I am convinced that money is too conventional a subject to attach such great importance to it.

  5. If you have a billion euros, for example. And you only have 5 minutes left to live.�

    Seriously, the question is so easy. Time and money are generally in different weight categories, because NO ONE has time. You can't hold time in your hands. It has no price, no owner. No one knows what might happen in a second. The world is unpredictable.�

    Time is the universe, the galaxy, and infinity.

  6. Definitely time! This is the only irreplaceable resource in our life. I also read somewhere that scientists also note the fact that those people who value time are happier.

    I confirm with my experience that I value my time and am very happy)

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