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  1. The apocalypse is also the beginning of a new, much happier world (“new heaven and new earth”). The media presents this as a disaster because disaster sells better 🙂

  2. Why is it presented by the media as just a disaster?

    This is reflected in the public consciousness. There are many of these types of “apocalypse”: zombie apocalypse, where usually the virus turns the population of the Planet into zombies, alien apocalypse with an alien invasion, vampire apocalypse, epidemic apocalypse, and so on. A lot of anime, computer games, blockbusters and literature have been created on this topic . The quality varies from AAA masterpieces, to indie and just treshaka. The topic generally excites people because the fear of the end of the world, as well as the fear of going mad, is inherent in all human nature. People love the zombie theme so much, “according to some psychologists, because the general uninitiative mass” subconsciously feels like a zombie, and then consciousness “is replaced by the subconscious. Religious faith plays on this and encourages this superstitious primordial fear by making money. This is all called “apocalyptic thinking” or more gently: “a tendency to exaltation.” But over time, even the hard-hitting blockbusters, disaster movies where New York is destroyed a hundredfold, have already become boring to everyone. Additionally :ск the boredom associated with a comfortable life, where the risk to life has decreased, �technological progress has nurtured Homo Sapiens, has automatically generated a demand for thrills, and as a result, the rating of role-playing games sur survival (survival games) has soared, where a cool ex-special forces man is naked in the forest and with a knife shows how promising she is, outside of the working office.

    If you've read The Apocalypse, (and most people haven't) this book of the New Testament, the canonical one, is served last “in the package” because to properly understand it, you need to already have a knowledge base about the prophecies of the same prophets from the Old Testament, whose return is mentioned in the Apocalypse, the prophets Elijah and Enoch must return, whom the antichrist will kill as martyrs, because they will denounce his authority. And when reading the Apocalypse, you need to be careful, since the author of the book, John the Theologian, writes that cursed is anyone who tries to distort these words, turn them around to please himself. Most of what is written there are allegories, figurative meanings, and metaphors. so, the ignorant, uninitiated will not understand anything, will decide that this is gibberish, the hostile will see only a distortion, the depressed will be even more frightened. therefore… recommended in reading the Apocalypse (which is from Greek. to resort to interpretations not your own, personal, but already compiled by scientists and wise men. Simply put , this is a book for the elite, and it takes an initiation, an initiation, to understand its innermost meaning. The content is full of maximalism and fatalism: the belief that only those chosen from the beginning, written in the book of life of the “Slain Angel from the foundation of the world” can achieve final salvation.

    John the Theologian, presumably Ap. John the “beloved” apostle of Christ, who was the only one who did not abandon him at the moment when he was “counted among the evildoers”, already in his old age, in the plague of the first persecutions, went into exile on the island of Patmos, where he created this text, which, however, was considered apocryphal for quite a long time, and later was recognized at one of the councils as canonical and predictive. He was taught chronicle writing by the Greeks as a child. Unlike the rest of the apostles, he died quietly and peacefully of old age, and his disciples discovered in the morning that his body had disappeared and the coffin was filled with the liquid of Myrrh.

    Usually Scientologists and Raelites like to spin quotes from there. They do this on their own responsibility and for different purposes. People who have gone through the entire book of the Apocalypse in their lectures and meetings, and created a jumble and darkness of conspiracy theories and interpretations.

    The end of the World in general, there is served as the end of the world. For Christians, the end of the world generally consists in interrupting the line of ordination of the clergy, the church, as well as interrupting the whole transmission of the line of drinking the Eucharist. It is believed that despite the difference in denominations, the drink of the Eucharist is the same all over the world. Ordination also dates back to the ordination of Christ's first disciples, on whom he “laid hands”, and his own baptism in the Jordan. Originally in a church that was outlawed in Rome, the followers of Christ had neither buildings nor as such an official clergy. They gathered in open spaces and symbolically placed their hands on the shoulders of their successors. Although they themselves claim that it is not symbolic, and it is more than just a symbol. Protestants believe that this is exactly what the true church should be. And during all the persecutions over the course of 2000 years, there were many difficult epochs, and the persecution of the Roman emperors, and the fall of Constantinople from the Ottomans, and the Second World War, where cathedrals were bombed, and the rage of the socialists poured out on the church, but, one way or another, these two factors – the continuous line of ordination of the clergy and the integrity of the Holy Eucharist, still remained untouched. In the last days, as many commentators of the Apocalypse claim, these two things will be cruelly interrupted. And this will shake the whole structure of the church.

    In general, Christians have been convinced since the beginning of their existence that the whole world revolves around them. the end of Christianity=the end of the world, for them one thing follows from the other. “Faith will be impoverished,” etc.

    Beliefs in the end of the world, were in many nations even before Christianity. Caesar, in a note on the Gallic war, wrote that the Celts are brave warriors who are not afraid of anything, only that the vault of heaven from the stars will collapse on their heads. Predictions about the end of the world and the Antichrist appeared already in the 3rd century. The desert fathers, in fact the first Christian monks, the backbone of Christian asceticism, who drew up the rules of monasticism, lived in Egypt, and were anochoretes, they actually dug in from the world and did not allow visitors to themselves, strangers and random wanderers were expelled. the main idea of their isolation was precisely the belief that the last times have already come and ” The Antichrist is coming!” It all started in the 2nd century. There is a whole crowd of people who have made mistakes and screwed up in the prophecies of the holy fathers, who called specific dates and specific places and names of actors. In part, there are references to” the last times ” in the Gospels, both from the words of Christ himself and the apostles:

    And if they hadn't been reducedIn those days, no flesh would be saved; but for the sake of the elect, they will be shortenedThose days (Mark 13: 20; Luke 21: 24).

    As you can see, this implies the destruction of the entire physical world.

    However, there is still a quote:

    Chapter 21.

    1And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more.

    It's usually forgotten or overlooked, but it hints that the end of the world isn't the end of the world at all. And as if there is a Happy End, a fork in the ending of the plot. It's easier to be afraid and get high from it.

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