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  1. Specifically, I would not recommend boxing, because there the head is the main target of blows. While still a final year student (2012), he actively engaged in MMA (mixfight). In training, I almost did not get strong blows to the head, everything is adequate. In sparring, the technique is worked out, there is a bag for strength. If you don't compete in tournaments where you can really catch, such physical activity can even benefit brain development. I don't feel any negative consequences yet, I completed my first year of graduate school with excellent results, and recently received a second patent for an invention. You can eliminate hitting altogether by doing wrestling (I recommend grappling) or crossfit.

  2. It depends on what you need boxing for. If you want to learn how to stand up for yourself, then you need self – defense, judo, sambo courses-I think this is much safer than boxing. Boxing is good because in a year you will learn to distribute plops to street sweet tooths quite well, but the huge disadvantage is that you can get your head badly knocked off during training. There are such guys in training whose head is no longer in place (for example, a person broke my arm with a shift in judo)

    And best of all, take up home physical self-education. Exercise, cardio in the form of a jog, practice a couple of strokes. These are three components that will help you to be in shape, ready to run away and give a flop on the turn, if anything happens in a fight. Or vice versa. Good luck in your endeavors!)

  3. In my social circle, there are a lot of guys who have a CMC badge on their chest, in particular, there are boxing classes. Nothing bad about the mental development of the latter can not say, the guys are extremely intelligent and pleasant in communication.

    They study well, support any topics, and are easily given some technical disciplines. You see, in addition to harming health, sports also instill perseverance, train willpower and allow you to achieve most, if not all, of the goals set for a person.

  4. I don't want to frighten anyone,but many “experienced” boxers and representatives of other martial arts talk about memory lapses or its deterioration. If you are so afraid, then you can try to practice without sparring,onlyboxing. Well, or carry self-defense equipment with you.

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