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  1. A brilliant invention of mankind-a thermocup. Everyone thinks you have seagulls there, but in fact something stronger. Coffee with cognac is ideal for this container. Moreover, coffee strongly interrupts the smell of alcohol, so the probability that they will “burn” is minimized. In general, the best seminars at the Faculty of Philosophy were held in a state of mild intoxication. You are immediately liberated and talk with fervor about the meaning of life, death and love.

  2. What's the problem? Buy 0.5 Cola, pour half of it out, compensate for 0.2-0.25 whiskey-voila!

    Well, after the lecture, you can polish it with green paint around the corner. Total: your day is spent on zbs.

  3. While studying in the first year, due to inexperience and youth, I faced some life difficulties, so I sometimes came to the university drunk. Not exactly straight into the firewood, but enough to make the school day seem more or less bearable, but at lectures, however,he did not allow himself to drink. However, one time it happened: I just came, sat down in the gallery, got a beer and drank it. I realize now what an idiot I was, because I would have been thrown out instantly if I'd been caught. So my advice to you is not to drink at lectures. I know it's fun and exciting, but I'm afraid the teacher won't appreciate the humor. Drink before, between, and/or after lectures. Good luck!

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