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  1. You know, I also really like Ekaterina Kukhar. Because she achieved everything thanks to her hard work and titanic willpower. Literally a self-made man. It is always difficult to find tickets for her performances on sale, because they are sold out in the first hours of sales, which says a lot. I also like her as a person. Catherine seems to me very kind and sympathetic, of course, it is difficult to say what she really is, because only her family knows about it. I enjoyed watching her act as a judge on the show. To me, Ekaterina always seemed tactful and at the same time straightforward.

  2. Yes, Kateryna Kuhar is one of the best ballerinas in Ukraine. Several times I was able to attend performances of the National Opera of Ukraine in Kiev, in which she took part, and for me Katya's ability to stand on stage, her grace and unique charisma became a great revelation. When you watch a performance in which she takes part, somehow other ballerinas always take a back seat for me and pay all attention only to what Ekaterina shows. It is felt that she has developed skills by nature, and trains a lot to show the audience the maximum of her capabilities. That is why I consider her a true professional in her field and the best ballerina in the country!

  3. In my opinion, Ekaterina Kukhar should rightfully belong to the definition of “The Best ballerina in Ukraine”.

    Agree, not everyone can brilliantly build a career to the detriment of personal relationships.

    Many people should learn from Catherine's ability to keep up with everything. Perhaps the secret lies in the fact that her current husband, Alexander Stoyanov, is also involved in ballet and supports his beloved wife in everything.

    In addition to her wife, Ekaterina Kukhar is also a caring mother. She has a beautiful son Timur, who is more than eight years old.

    Indeed, a talented person is talented in everything.

    For me, she will always be a role model.

  4. I follow our ballet a little, so I keep up to date with the latest events. I really like the performances of Ekaterina Kukhar, I would even say that now she is the best ballerina. Always sensual and plastic, in her images you can see harmony, and behind all this there is a daily work. We only see the picture and rejoice, but how much effort was invested by this fragile girl to achieve such a stunning result. A ballerina is not only a job, it is a way of life. How many bans you have to endure, I would not be able to do that. In general, I'm all for it. Ekaterina Kukhar is a real professional, it's nice to see.

  5. I believe that the best ballerina in Ukraine is Ekaterina Kukhar. And not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. During her career as a ballerina, she has achieved great heights, performing since 1999, and this, for a moment, has been almost 20 years! And ballet, like all ballerinas, is engaged in 5 years. And she is not only a prima ballerina, but also a People's Artist of Ukraine. I always watch her performances without taking my eyes off, what grace, what strength in her! Gorgeous girl. Very flexible and musical, in my opinion, few of the current ballerinas can compete with her. Just look at her ballet steps and movements, it's a mesmerizing sight!

  6. I agree with the previous answers – I consider Ekaterina Kukhar an outstanding ballerina of our time. Persistent and talented girl from childhood aspired to be the best! Of course, she had talented teachers, but the ballerina always herself, mostly, achieves heights, success and recognition. Catherine's career is outstanding. I have never been to her performances in the theater, but I have watched her performances on tape more than once and I can appreciate the talent, grace and artistry of this wonderful actress. I think that her creative career is only at the beginning and we will still see a lot of performances with her participation. I vote for Ekaterina Kukhar.

  7. Undoubtedly this is Ekaterina Kukhar. I really like ballet and have been watching this amazing girl since a young age. I will not list a huge number of awards and titles, I will only say that a truly strong and wise person can combine a great talent and remain a fragile and sweet beauty in the eyes of others.

    I have always admired her ability to transform on stage and become an integral part of the performance. Every appearance on stage excites the soul of even the most picky critics, let alone ordinary people.

    In my opinion, she is the best ballerina in Ukraine and there can be no doubt about it.

  8. I can support everyone who spoke positively about Ekaterina Kukhar. The fact is that I am interested in ballet skills, I often attend performances, in particular, I have been to several performances in which Ekaterina was a soloist! And you know, it was really a real performance! It was then that I realized that Katya is really the best ballerina in Ukraine, and that she is the future of the ballet world. She moves so easily and beautifully around the stage, her movements are sharp, charismatic and non-repetitive! I believe that it is not only the best in Ukraine, but also, possibly, in Europe. In general, if you have the opportunity to attend her performance, then I definitely recommend it!

  9. I can say with confidence that Ekaterina Kukhar, who was at her performances, will agree with me. She is a very hard worker, but without talent, she obviously would not have achieved anything, so she combines two important qualities of a ballerina-hard work and a pinch of talent. the performances are always sold out, I think that many people, like me, come to see it. Graceful, as if hovering over the stage and always such energy comes from her, so I highly recommend that if you haven't seen her performance, be sure to buy a ticket and go, there are a lot of emotions every time, a person is burning and sick of their business, this is worthy of respect.

  10. Today, there are many talented ballerinas who are a pleasure to go to a performance, but for me, the best will always be Ekaterina Kukhar. Her performances for me were always “live” and very emotional. She doesn't just dance on stage, but conveys grace and emotion with every small movement. I'm not surprised that so many people call her the best ballerina in Ukraine. I totally agree with that myself. She started dancing ballet from a very young age, mentored by talented masters, and of course, an unsurpassed talent. A wonderful woman and an amazing ballerina. Many people should look up to her.

  11. I can't help but agree with all the people who wrote before me that Kateryna Kukhar is the best ballerina in Ukraine. I've only been to two of her theater performances, and to say that I really enjoyed it is an understatement. I had an indescribable delight in her every move. She did not just perform, but simply conveyed a storm of emotions through each movement. I can't even imagine how much and how much you need to rehearse in order to be so great on stage. I can't find any simple words of praise here. I know for sure that I will attend performances with her participation in the future. Amazing ballerina!

  12. I was familiar with many performances of different ballerinas, but none of them gave me as much emotion as in the performances with Ekaterina Kukhar. The performances are simply amazing, she has a great sense of the stage and the production. Each movement is honed to perfection. Here I can't disagree with the phrase that she is the best ballerina. To devote your life to ballet and the stage is to have a great sense of purpose and perseverance. Moreover, I am sure that she still has a lot of rehearsals, when she has already achieved certain titles and titles. In general, I will join most of the reviews and just advise everyone to visit or watch at least one of her performances on the Internet.

  13. For me, Kateryna Kuhar is the best ballerina not only in Ukraine, but also in the world. In general, I discovered ballet from her performances and still try to attend her performances as often as possible. I've also been to theater productions of other ballerinas. Many of them dance just fine, but the ideal for me is still Ekaterina. I always feel her emotions on stage, her energy and the performance itself. She is a great fellow and a professional. Her talent was only reinforced by many years of training with more senior mentors. Just a great ballet actress. Attend at least one performance and you will understand everything.

  14. I have already visited the fourth performance of Ekaterina Kukhar and only once again made sure that she is really the best ballerina. I've never seen so much grace and emotion in a single performance. It is clear that she does not just perform on stage, but simply lives by ballet. I have also heard about her biography, that she has been studying since her earliest years and was taught by talented people. All these years have not been in vain, her performances are simply beautiful. I myself have been to various performances of other ballerinas, but I have never received such a large amount of emotions. She is talented and knows how to convey some spirit and emotions with her movements. I can't help but admire it.

  15. I myself have been fond of ballet since childhood and I know how much it is a difficult art form, so I always take revenge on girls who give themselves completely to it. Ekaterina Kukhar is also the best ballerina for me today. First of all, I was never even a little disappointed with her performance. Secondly, I always see amazing grace and perfectly honed movements during the performance. I just can't help but admire it, because I know how difficult it is to make even the simplest movement perfectly. She does it with the soul and it is felt. Not for me, anyway. The best ballerina.

  16. I have already attended many different performances with different ballerinas, and I have never admired any of them as much as Ekaterina Kukhar. This is probably my favorite ballerina. I just can't stop admiring her at every performance. Every movement carries an incredible grace, she has an amazing talent. At the same time, I can't help but note that my friends, who are less passionate about ballet like me, also noted her performance on stage, and this can be seen from the reviews. I'm also not exaggerating if I say that she is the best ballerina in Ukraine. I advise you to go to her performance, even if you are not very fond of ballet.

  17. I like ballet since high school and have already attended many different performances. I don't think I'm exaggerating if I say that Kateryna Kukhar is the best ballerina in Ukraine. Here I can only join most of the reviews about it. How many times I've been to her performances and how many times I've admired her. She just lives the game on stage, grace is visible in every small movement. I myself know that ballet rehearsals are quite difficult both physically and emotionally. You can see that she puts all her heart and soul into ballet. I am sure that I will attend her performances more than once, but I advise everyone to go to her performance at least once.

  18. Perhaps I will agree with most of the reviews and also say that the best ballerina in Ukraine is Ekaterina Kukhar. I can't say that I am a great connoisseur and lover of ballet, but I have been to her performances three times with my girlfriend. All three times we left just delighted with what we saw. In my humble opinion, she just feels the stage and the production perfectly. In every movement, you can see that she is invested with all her heart. Moreover, it is no secret that it is difficult to perfectly make even a simple movement in ballet and you just need years of constant rehearsals. I repeat, I am not a big fan of ballet, but I will definitely go to her performance again.

  19. Here even without questions — Ekaterina Kukhar. A brilliant ballerina, I saw her for the first time at the festival ” Stars of World Ballet.”at her gala concert, it was something extraordinary and airy, just a flash among the really strong figures of the world ballet. And the list of her roles gives a complete picture of the demand and high level of performing skills: the name of any ballet always corresponds to the main part of this wonderful ballerina. Catherine's hard work and perseverance surpass all imaginable human possibilities, I can't explain her talent in any other way: after all, it is known that 90% of talent in ballet is work. I'm for Ekaterina Kukhar.

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