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  1. Let's start at the end. Evolution does not” reward the strong”, evolution does not reward anyone at all. It's just that individuals leave offspring and those genes that contribute to reproductive success increase their frequency in the population, and those that interfere with it decrease their frequency. It has nothing to do with strength or reward.

    The current trend for equality (not equality! equal rights. not to be confused) does not reward the weak. It equalizes the chances of the weak and the strong, allowing people not to be strong. What does it mean not to be strong? That you can be complicated. Because the power is in simplicity. This has nothing to do with evolution and does not contradict it in any way. Moreover, if natural selection only fixes what gives immediate success, then our artificial focus on protecting the weak, on complexity, allows us to focus on the distant future, and not just on tomorrow.

    Finally, freedom itself is a dubious value. I don't think you'll like it if I have the freedom to kill you.” So it is not a question of freedom per se, but of how we regulate people's freedom. The trend of recent years has been to expand freedom where it should be expanded and curtail it where it should not be. We've curtailed people's freedom to have slaves, curtailed people's freedom to rule countries, curtailed people's freedom to abuse their children, curtailed people's freedom to humiliate those you don't like. We have expanded the freedom of people to be themselves where it does not interfere with others, expanded the freedom to manage their lives. Maybe if you find a unit of measurement for freedom, it turns out that freedom has become less, well, personally, I will somehow survive the lack of freedom to set up a concentration camp.

  2. Evolution rewarded those who unjustly took away someone else's property and brazenly won their place. No one rewarded the strong, they rewarded themselves at the expense of what was taken away. Equality recognizes justice, which is almost impossible to find in the whole world. Justice is the task of agreement in the communication of higher beings on the one hand, and on the other hand, the discipline and order of compliance with these agreements. If you look closely at a crushed ant that was carrying food to its family, and you stepped on it, you will see how self-reward of the strong works, but you will not see justice.

  3. Freedom is limited not by rights but by obligations. Everyone has the right to education, so you need to get it accordingly. Of course, this will infringe on the student, but it gives space to the specialist that he can become. The more developed a society, the more complex its internal relations and, accordingly, the concept of freedom. It is not necessary to think that the Neanderthal with a baton was free-he did not think about it.

  4. Freedom is not in what you are allowed, but in what you allow yourself, your loved one, to allow.�

    The most terrible infringement of freedom is the infringement of the right to do stupid things.

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