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  1. tall, dark-haired, with all-consuming blue eyes that once looked at me with tenderness through the lenses of his glasses. stunning, fantastic, terrifying and merciless. the man who taught me to live. he made a huge contribution to the development of my personality. aroused interest in learning about this world.�

    I've always been crazy about the smell of his body. from the way he threw me down on the bed with animal passion and started kissing me. from the way he spoke and expressed his thoughts. from his instructions and the division in my head of the boundaries of “good” and “bad”. destructive, peaceful, detached, and inspiring. I can't describe it.

  2. See how interesting it is) There are only two answers so far,but the characters are very, very similar,and in my case, TOO, this is such a dark guy who writes programs, reads complex literature and is very stingy with emotions, but incredibly passionate in bed. I am now really interested in reading other answers,do they all have the same type?Or maybe it's just a coincidence

  3. Tall, thin, ash-blond hair. Her eyes are a mint(! ) color, very kind. Very good at drawing, creative. A loner and very secretive, he lied a lot about himself. I did something ugly, and I didn't correct it in any way.

    It is difficult to describe, because a strong resentment against him has not yet passed. Only bad things on the soul.

  4. His eyes are so daringly beautiful that you can't describe him by his appearance. And when you start communicating, a completely different person is in front of you. And the voice, uff is something. It looks very aggressive, cruel and beautiful, and the inner world is a fairy tale. I don't know, maybe I'm blinded and don't see more in him.? She writes poetry, though she has never read it, but I would like to… Thanks to him, I also learned to write poetry, even fairy tales…

  5. A blond man with blue-gray eyes, modest and silent. A man with whom you could walk for hours in silence on the streets and not feel any embarrassment after such long pauses. An introvert person who has dozens of varieties of tea at home. The person with the best music playlist, who suggested hundreds of good movies and TV shows to me, I still can't master the entire list to the end. A guy with an unusual mindset, a bit of a philosopher, with whom you could talk about anything. Easy to communicate, well-mannered and very unsure of himself (And in vain and very sorry). The man of mystery, who said almost nothing about himself, did not share his experiences, even though I knew that he, alas, had a lot of them. He had a great sense of humor and an ability to attract people to him. He played the piano very well and had a very beautiful voice. It is a pity that such good people can be unsure of themselves and prone to eternal introspection and self-flagellation. It's sad that we stopped communicating. But during the year, he gave me a lot and I am very grateful to him.

  6. A man who never loved me, but fought for me to the last. Stingy with affection, but hugged in a way that no one had ever done before. Independent, but lonely. It is made up of contradictions, which together create a nuclear explosive mixture, which I was hooked on at the time. A year and ten months of my life on a powder keg, where you never know who you are for him today-a favorite girl or a disgusting ugly. That's probably what people fall in love with. There were a lot of secrets in it, and now when people ask me about it, I get lost: What am I supposed to say if I've never understood it myself and couldn't?

    Blue-eyed, dark, slim build, taller than me and older than me. He had (and still has) strong, big hands and the sexiest torso in the world. Yeah. It's been more than two years since we parted, but I can't forget it.�

    This is my first love, who turned out to be very sick. No one has ever tormented me so much, but at the same time, I have never felt so good with anyone in moments of intimacy. It's hard to convey what I experienced, but if you're reading this, I haven't forgotten.

  7. The guy I still can't forget, and who I'm sure I'll never forget, left me three months ago because of school, and I'm not upset about that fact anymore, but I know that the time I spent with him is something I'll remember for the rest of my life…

    He wasn't a Hollywood hunk, but I would say his appearance was rather unusual and even funny: a bulging Adam's apple, a strange shape of the lips, an aquiline nose and blue eyes… It wasn't just his looks that made me fall head over heels in love with him. He is incredibly charismatic and outgoing, such a simple guy that everyone in our small town knows — he loved to communicate so much. He was smart, funny, and could be an intellectual in the right places, but in other places he was almost a street chansonnier with a guitar in his hands. What I always liked about him was that he gave everything to the fullest, was very artistic, you wanted to smile around him, look at him, watch when he sings, when he plays on stage. It feels like he can do everything. And his willingness to always help everyone, his determination and sometimes even desperation of actions — I really liked it all. I'd known him since I was a high school kid, but I'd seen him in action, in his character, and in his interactions with people as an adult — and I knew I couldn't find a better guy.

    Although he wasn't perfect in our relationship and didn't show much romance, I still love him, because he was always a good and interesting person to spend time with, communicate and joke around with. In relationships, he was the same as in principle in life: simple, sociable, active, a little clumsy, but attracting special attention…

    Even despite the pain he caused me on the day of parting and after, I am grateful to him for the fact that during all the time with him my life has improved, he just brought me back to it and gave me confidence, with him I have only the best memories.

    I don't think I'll ever love anyone as much as I once loved him

  8. Tall, blue-eyed, with blond hair.�

    A very smart and educated man with a responsible profession. Always competent speech and a characteristic accent of an intellectual(if such a thing exists, but this is just an association) 😅

    Alas, he didn't choose me, but the memories of him, at least, warm up 😊

  9. The funny thing is that many people have a guy they can't forget – it's a cute, kind, humble bunny

    I have quite the opposite – this is the most vile and vile person I have ever met in my life. And although for me this is the person from whom I would like to stay as far away as possible, he causes me warm-vomiting feelings. Such strange cases

  10. we didn't meet, but we were friends. I've never seen him in person, and I can't describe his smell,his voice, his touch, or the way his eyes look in the light. we talked on the Internet and were from different cities.the only thing I had from him was a couple of photos of him. he was dark-haired, with brown eyes and broad eyebrows. he was quite handsome, and the fact that he was constantly chased by girls can confirm this. our communication lasted just over a year. I was almost 16 when I met him, and he was 5 years older than me. he just somehow unexpectedly wrote me one phrase on Vkontakte on my fake page, and I was not serious about it, I answered him very svoebrazno. then our communication started, and I didn't even know that it would take so long. he immediately struck me as an intelligent and interesting conversationalist, which I liked about him.
    the first days of our communication were quite frank. he told me a lot of personal things from his past, about his ex-girlfriend, about his life. he wasn't a happy person, he had a lot of problems and he couldn't get out of them. he was smart, he was a great student,he was interested in many topics, he was constantly drawing something, and he was very good at it. he was mysterious, even though he talked a lot about himself. he was charismatic and confident, but most of the time it was inspired confidence. most of all, I liked the fact that we didn't ask each other questions about our preferences and so on, we learned everything about each other in the process of communication.
    our communication lasted a month, we quarreled over one small thing and stopped communicating. it hurt me a little at the time, because I was really interested in this person. however, after a month, I didn't think about him so much anymore. but in the second month, one day I wrote to a friend that it would be nice to talk to him again, I somehow remembered him for no reason that day and even missed him, and the next day he showed up, texting me. it was strange, because I didn't expect that after 2 months this person could remember about me, if you take the period of time that we talked, it was small. but apparently, I somehow remembered him and he decided to come back. I don't know what really made him do it, but he didn't answer that question.
    we continued to communicate,and then, a few weeks later, I noticed that I was beginning to fall in love with him. I started to get jealous of him and all the stories about his friends and girls I knew infuriated me, but I tried not to show it and hid my love. he knew I didn't like his stories. but he still pressed me with it. he was a manipulator,and in fact, not a very good person.
    but six months later, I confessed to him that I was in love, and he said that he didn't feel the same way about me, and we could only be friends. but it was difficult for me to be friends with him and we “broke up”.after some time, he wrote to me, I refused to communicate, but then after a few days of my thoughts, which led to the fact that it was better not to write to him, I took it and did it. so we continued to communicate as “friends”, but I think everyone understands that this is impossible. I don't think I accepted that we were going to be friends,but I kind of gave up on it and tried to just be around him, because without him, my life was extremely gray, and I felt that the presence of this person brings me happiness. after a while, for some reason, he started talking about feelings and said that he liked me, but he was still emotionally attached to his ex-girlfriend, and he didn't know how long it would last, so he couldn't start anything new. then it gave me some hope. but I still knew that nothing would ever happen between us.

    I knew almost everything about him,every little thing, all the things that he loves and hates. we could communicate endlessly. I went to bed at 3 a.m., slept for 4 hours, and then went to school. we corresponded in class, and he was in pairs.and it was a good time, we had fun. he always had a lot of stories to tell, we could write each other any meaningless things that happened to us during the day and discuss them. we talked about absolutely everything. our views on life were somewhat different. so were our principles, but we were still insanely similar, so we got along. it was nice to wake up in the morning and see a message from him, with some story, or with a story that he dreamed. and when we were fighting and I didn't see his text messages in the morning, I was very sad. we gave each other funny and cute nicknames, shared jokes, and laughed at the same things.
    he suffered from depressive states, and in difficult moments I tried to help him with words of support. he kept looking back at his past. he was mentally weak and could not always cope with his experiences. therefore, he often turned to alcohol, smoked daily, before that he suffered from drug addiction, and sometimes he returned to this( maybe not sometimes), and this became the reason for our quarrels. he didn't care about his health or the future, he killed himself by any means necessary. and in doing so, he was hurting me.I didn't want this man to suffer, much less try to end his life. because it was the most precious thing I had. And every time he was sad, I wanted to be there for him, but I couldn't. we've always helped each other.
    everything was reflected on me, I felt bad because it was bad for him. I cried a lot during our entire conversation. we talked on and on, and most of our fights revolved around the topic of our relationship and my jealousy. we alternated between fighting and making up. Every time we fought, I didn't expect this person to write to me again. but a week later it was happening. the last time we had a fight was 2 months ago, a week later, of course, nothing happened. because that was the end. then he said he wasn't in love with me. For some reason, it didn't bother me at the time, because it was obvious to me, even though I'd always hoped in my heart that he felt something for me. after all, he said he liked me. he constantly contradicted himself, did one thing, said another. he just couldn't figure it out, and he didn't want to accept the truth. he wanted freedom and not to be tied to anyone. I just wanted to live for myself. It was understandable, but I couldn't accept it. I don't think he meant to hurt my feelings, so if he said he wasn't in love with me, then he was. And I couldn't make him and myself suffer any more. I couldn't make him love me.I told him that day that I didn't feel the same way about him that I had felt before, because he had killed everything in me. that was partly true. my love isn't that strong anymore, but it's still there. this man has done a lot of bad things to me, and many things he didn't do on purpose. it all affected my feelings. But I still love him, no matter what. and no matter how absurd it is. during the year, he became very close to me, he was my best friend. And I couldn't imagine life without him, and I thought I'd die if he wasn't around. and now that he's gone, I feel empty. I never said that I loved him, that this was all so serious. I told you I liked him very much. But most likely, he himself understood everything from my behavior. He once said that I would have someone better than him with me. but no one will be better than him, he will always be the best. the best of the worst. if it weren't for all his negative personality traits, some stupid habits, he might have been the perfect guy. I will never forget it, and I don't want to forget it. the memory of him hurts me, but it's a pleasant pain. I can't imagine myself without thinking about him in my head. After he left, I can't say that I suffer from his absence, that I want everything back. No, I don't suffer, and I don't want to return it. I can say that I feel much better and feel freer. and the good memories don't leave me. the only thing I regret about this situation is that it happened exactly like this. that it could have been the other way around. but it couldn't. so, in part, these are pointless regrets. I still think about him every day and listen to sad songs, probably out of habit. I miss you so much. and missing someone who you absolutely won't bring back, because there's no purpose in it, is probably one of the most terrible feelings on earth. I also go to his page every day, knowing that nothing will be updated there. I try to force myself not to do it. but it doesn't work. I started smoking because it reminds me of him. I know he wouldn't approve of it, and I know it's terrible and stupid. I'll stop smoking when I stop thinking about him so often, most likely. I've dedicated dozens of poems to him that he'll never see, and I've written letters that I won't send. I dreamed about this person every day for the last six months of our communication, every day. Even now, I still dream about it periodically.
    I don't like anyone right now, and I don't think I'll like them that much in the future. After that, I didn't have any close contact with any guy,because I just don't need it. I don't want to talk to anyone else. I guess after all this, I learned a lot about what it's like to not want to get attached to anyone.

  11. We are very similar in appearance: light brown obedient hair, slightly upturned chin, betraying a certain selfishness in character, green eyes that become insanely bright in the sun, the look of an inquisitive child who can ask the most personal questions about you, and you will answer, thin lips, a sharp nose with a hump, thick eyebrows. In his character, I saw myself as who I am, but afraid to show these qualities, and therefore hiding them. He would never hide his selfishness, vanity, and narcissism.

    And yes, he's very charismatic, practically exuding that dark sexuality coupled with a great sense of black humor. He was also slightly aggressive, just like in the bad guy movies. Many things were said about him behind his back, but never to his face. And I, a sort of mother Teresa, always defended him in their eyes, took his side, even when he was objectively wrong, although he never asked. Just like that, when I was young, I showed my love and affection.

    On the other hand, he was always gentle and sensitive to me, not only in moments of physical intimacy, whatever it was, but also in completely everyday situations when we were not alone, for example, if it was necessary to protect my honor and dignity in the eyes of someone who has an unflattering opinion of me. He also listened very much to my stories about anything and anyone, was interested in everything that was happening in my life, and often chose the right words when I needed support or advice.

    I think he would love me more if I finally understood myself and accepted myself, and did not try to please everyone by maintaining the image of a good girl. But even for him, I can't do it, no matter how sorry I am. It was because of this that all our quarrels were, if not the main reason, then the resulting one. Of course, I don't take all the responsibility on myself, but I realize that part of it is still on me.

    We had a fight and didn't say a word to each other for a very long time. Then we started talking again, talking for days, and then he said something that I wouldn't have noticed before, but it was at that moment that I got caught up. We quarreled again, and both of us are too proud to make the first move, but we can't just let each other go. This is how we live: from quarrel to quarrel, until the one who is more guilty writes first.

  12. The guy who completely forgot about me. Blue-eyed, with eyes as deep as the ocean. Pretty high. We didn't communicate very well. But for some reason, it is he who has sunk into my soul. I remember him every day. When I dream at night, I start to feel better. Sleep is the only place where it comes back to me. What a pity. After all, I really miss him very much and will never forget him.

  13. What is it like? You can't tell which one right away…
    I was never sure that it was possible to meet such a person. Especially for me, especially at a young age.
    This is the kindest and most open look I've ever seen. The softest hair I've ever ironed. It has everything. And the masculinity that is so perfectly in harmony with his sweet face, and the mind, the desire to be aware of all the delights of life. He immersed me in the world of books, theater, good movies and caresses.
    He was gentle, beautiful, handsome, and sometimes rude, cruel, and aggressive, but he always took me in his arms, and only then did I realize that I was home.
    I will never forget his slightly gruff voice, which made my skin crawl and my heart always beat faster, his sweet laugh and the incredible charisma that he inherited from his father.
    It was my fault that we broke up, and I've been regretting it ever since. A year and a half has passed. He has a new lover. I can't forget it. Communication with other members of the opposite sex does not fit in from the very first second, but I have already accepted feelings for him and do not even try to give them up.
    Getting to know him is the most beautiful thing that has ever happened in my life

  14. There was only one person in my memory that I can remember with pleasant feelings. (Name and place of work changed)

    The problem was that fate somehow brought us together, despite the fact that we could not be together.
    I got a new job outside of my city. I was supposed to create 3d animations. But it turned out that the game that we were supposed to create was not ready for the implementation date. Therefore, all of us who worked were brought together. So that all employees solve problems right now and on the spot.
    And when I was brought to my place of work and residence at the same time, he was the first person I saw. Curly-haired shorty a la Frodo Baggins.
    We just arrived at the temporary shelter site. I thought at the time that I would like to fall in love, and maybe it can happen right here. At that moment, HE jumps out of the gate of the hotel where we are staying. I didn't think much of the coincidence at the time. Still, I remembered the kid.
    In my later work, I came across it more than once. Let's call him Gleb.
    So, Gleb was one of the programmers. I will say right away that I did not like curly-haired and, especially, short guys. And he sneezed in my chin! So we were just friends at first. We worked together. That's why I worked with Gleb in all situations. If it was necessary to work out some model and its movement in space, Gleb and I were put together. But there were other guys! What the hell?
    I don't dispute that it was easy for me to work with him. He knew what he was doing.
    But when I decided to get out of the hotel and go shopping, I always ran into Gleb.
    At some point, I began to realize that he had designs on me. However, he didn't hide it too much. Periodically he made compliments and tried to invite me for a walk. And one day, when I freaked out in my heart, saying that my backpack was torn and it needed to be sewn up with black threads, Gleb suddenly brings me threads. Just when I was looking for a fabric store in a strange city. He just pulled out from behind the stall and handed me the thread. My co-worker, who was standing next to me, giggled softly into her palm. She has long explained to me that Gleb is not indifferent to me. His courtship was very careful and affectionate.
    But I resisted. I didn't even want to have anything to do with him. I repeat: I didn't like curly-haired and short guys. I only saw him as a friend. And no more than that. In general, I behaved like a snorting bitch.
    And at some point, I became interested in another guy. Higher and more passionate in courtship. He was coming at me like a battering ram. And I took a bite.
    And one day that guy called me out for a walk. What about me? I agreed.
    And here I am sitting with a guy in a restaurant. We make eyes at each other. And at that moment Gleb passes by… My God, they were the most angry and saddest people I'd ever seen. Everything was in slow motion. Eyes wide, fists clenched until the knuckles were white. He looked at me with horror, anger, and unimaginable pain. And then, almost immediately, he turned away and walked on.
    My heart skipped a beat. I was suddenly overcome with guilt and a sudden warmth towards Gleb. I don't know, maybe I love sufferers.
    So, some time passed, and Gleb began to avoid me. He tried to discuss work issues with my neighbors, avoiding even looking in my direction. If they were going to work together, they would communicate in short sentences. It annoyed me. Immediately, I noticed that he wasn't as” flawed ” as I thought at first. It turns out that he could charm. My neighbors sighed at him, and the men respected him. Moreover, he turned out to be the head of his own company of programmers.
    I'll tell you right away, it bothered the hell out of me. Yes, I was bitchy, but suddenly… I wanted to see that gentle gaze of his again, which I had previously felt almost a hundred meters away. His curls suddenly became a very interesting fetish for me. Short stature suddenly wasn't a problem anymore.
    At some point, I pulled a haughty “muzzle” and approached him and invited him to take a walk. To which Gleb almost immediately refused. Or rather, he said something like: well, let's see.
    Oh, how that stung me. I was more violent than the most hysterical child. No, I don't consider myself a superstar. I'm just an ordinary girl, but just at that moment, I suddenly realized that I was wrong. And it was infuriating. I suddenly set out to bring his amorous gaze back to me. I missed it. I suddenly realized what I needed: those warm brown eyes, those shy smiles. I suddenly realized that I was in love. And up to my ears.
    And fate kept driving us together. In the store, at work, at the hotel entrance. In general, we crossed paths everywhere. But when they met, they pretended not to know each other. He's probably out of resentment, and I'm out of stubbornness. But at some point I broke through. Almost a month of our mutual disregard has passed. I decided to take him out again… and he agreed. And you know what… the best conversationalist and lover I've ever seen. We spent a wonderful evening chatting, laughing and interrupting each other, just to tell something very interesting. We sat on the beach and talked about everything. At one point I was cold and he just hugged me from behind. I can't remember when our lips met in a kiss. The rest of the story was a blur. I remember waking up in bed, in his arms. Surprisingly strong and well-defined body… and then…I think I've been swallowed up in a pink mist…
    Our meetings continued for another month. Everything was fine… for the time being. I found out that he is married and has three children.
    Well, great! Still this was not enough!
    I can't say that this has ruined our relationship. They only acquired a certain piquancy. It wasn't easy for me to rebuild. After all, I dreamed that we would get together, despite the different cities. For we have such a beautiful love.And yet, when Gleb, after admitting about his passport stamp, said that he loved me, but did not intend to destroy his family, I was able to overcome myself and admit that this was just a fleeting affair. One thing I didn't understand… why did he try so hard to get me? Why did he feel sick with anger and resentment when he saw me interacting with others? Why did he care so much for me?
    However, there wasn't much time left. Work was coming to an end, and soon we would have to leave.
    And we parted ways.
    And several times Gleb came to my city. Fate was bringing us together again. The day he arrived, I had all my plans ruined. Friends suddenly got sick and couldn't go for a walk. Working moments were getting into a stupor. Relatives suddenly changed their minds about going to the dacha. And after all this, there was a call from Gleb: “I've arrived.”..
    It's been five years. I remember him with warmth and a kind of delight. Maybe I wouldn't have remembered him, but Gleb appeared at a very difficult moment in my life. I then met with an abuser who beat me and insulted me for any reason. And that new job, as well as the appearance of Gleb, became an outlet for me. They became a reason for me to love myself and become more confident in myself. I then for the first time in a long time felt loved and “normal”, or something… When I met a tyrant, I only heard about myself that I was stupid, ugly, crooked and bad in all respects. And here… I was suddenly the best.
    So that… Even if I wanted to, I couldn't forget him. Despite being a cheater , I've seen that he has many other good traits. He was a responsible employee (even to some extent strict), he knew how to be courteous. He could always find a way out of any situation.

    So I remember him well… As well as their emotions caused by it.

  15. He was tall, thin, fair-haired, with deep gray eyes and a languid look. Smart, well-read, affectionate, but sometimes moderately rude. A person who is not scary, who will always protect, help in different situations, tell a lot of interesting stories, is jealous, confident, rarely modest, and so funny.

    He suddenly appeared and suddenly disappeared, but left a clear, indelible mark on himself.

  16. Last year I visited Italy and it was there that I saw a guy I can't forget and probably will never be able to. It was a waiter at a nearby restaurant. A tall curly-haired guy with a warm smile and kind eyes in a cute apron was bustling between the tables. I looked at him as if I was attracted to something, our eyes met and now a year later I write this answer.

  17. He, the man from dreams: Tall (approximately 183 cm), blond with green eyes, soft skin and full lips. He could be cold, but still hug you like a mother when you cry. He will calm you down at any time, gives you small but very pleasant gifts(such as chupiki, sweets, etc.) and loves you like no other. It gets you out of any trouble. Does not allow you to look for adventures on your zepka. He kisses me on the nose before I go to bed, and never lets me go. Dear girls, I wish you that you would find such a person, because life without a loving person, alas, is lonely

  18. you could melt away from his smile, everything was with him. Very confident, the most popular in the class, and maybe even in school. He was so romantic, so in love. It's a pity, my stiffness, inexperience-they didn't let me get to know you better, reciprocate. Time still heals, it's been almost 12 years, and I hardly remember you. If there is a destiny, then maybe our paths will still cross.

  19. Reserved, closed, principled. He tries everything in life and tries to know more about everything. Proud, but not completely confident in himself. His eyes are always wide open and express interest and understanding. If he smiles or laughs, it's wide and sincere. Never judge out loud, never say an extra word/compliment. Does not show feelings, and always keeps everyone at a distance, while having many friends.

  20. The bastard who turns everything in my life upside down every time we meet. A charismatic egotist who sinks into the heart forever and manipulates with just one glance. We were great at spoiling each other's lives, but we were happy and ready to be a family. But something, as always, went wrong. I'm grateful to him for everything that happened between us, even though it was like an American race. Officially, we dated for three months, but our relationship lasted seven years. Arrogant, arrogant, romantic, real, rude, a man with the most sincere laugh. A man with whom we have overcome many things together, being enemies, friends, strangers. Unforgettable

  21. Well, he has dark hair, brown eyes, and is tall. He has a great taste in music and dresses coolly while maintaining his style. First of all, this is a man I never cease to admire. He taught me a lot and gave me a lot of valuable memories. This is a person with a highly developed intellect, a complex character and a broad worldview. It was thanks to him that I was so interested in communicating with him. Literally every day I learned something new. Ask him anything and he will answer your question. At the same time, he has a great sense of humor, he is far from boring. You could fool around with him and have a good laugh. It is very valuable when you can discuss anything with a person, he is just like that. He is also a composer and writes amazing music.

    He is also very gentle and not stingy with feelings. Sometimes even touching. With all this, with a strong character that is unlikely to break.

  22. I don't think I'll ever forget the red-haired straight-A student. He was so tall and had glasses,even though he looked insecure and had a hunched back, it didn't stop me from falling in love with him. His photo still hangs on the stand, and when I look at it, I feel both joy and sadness at the same time..
    Something strange happened between us… I don't even know what happened, but I'm in his emergency room..
    I remember every dream I had of him and every time I saw him at school, I remember how he looked at me with passion. I realized that I'd never seen him before, even though I'd been at school for a long time, and he was a regular, but he showed up every time and it felt like he wanted to tell me something.. But I understood that it was just my imagination.. It feels like he's not just dead, but just completely gone.. The feeling of lack of understanding on his part is killing me.

  23. A great theme to reawaken pleasant memories.
    He was tall and had an unconventional, seemingly ridiculous appearance. I immediately saw in him the future charisma and success in the women's circle. How many years did she go, head over heels in love, but not showing it. Everyone fell in love with him and he a couple of times. It seemed to me that I was not going to do this, that I could somehow attract. I lived and was content only to see him. Doing absolutely nothing and expecting nothing in return.
    I think his feelings for me were the most tender, sweet and at the same time very hurt him and left not the best impression, as I have.
    I used to love him too,but I consider him my first love for myself ,because I remember him and constantly compare the next ones with him.

  24. A short blond man with incredible greenish-blue eyes, older than me, intelligent, thinking, a bit of a philosopher, a dreamer, a doer. Not the most beautiful, not the most powerful, very imperfect, but somehow very special. Strange by most people's standards, but we're similar in that respect. If he laughed, he laughed heartily, at the top of his voice, if he smiled, it was wide and sincere. He made a lot of jokes, liked silly puns, and admired what I considered a flaw in myself. And he looked at me in a way that no one else had ever done before. He was tactile, loved to hug, hugged hard and for a long time. It was gentle. He was open, and you could just talk to him for days on end, moving imperceptibly from one topic to another. With him, hours turned into minutes, and I didn't have enough of him, and he didn't have enough of me. He is the only person in my entire life with whom I felt good and comfortable from the very first minute of our acquaintance.�

    Alas, our paths diverged. It's a pity that it didn't work out.

  25. In a checkered shirt, with the laces untied, he recites “lilichka” to me by heart.
    and also with an excellent sense of humor, outstanding intelligence and constantly interfering bangs.

  26. My first love is a tall, dreamy young man who graduated from a choreography school, with curly hair and a “are you by any chance from Korea?” appearance, deep moral values, and a charming low voice. He had the best hugs — I was drowning in them.

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