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  1. The brain is designed in such a way that nerve cells that for some reason do not work, die. Therefore, what remains — all 100 % of the cells-of course, work. Another thing is how effectively they work. One person is fine with it, and the other is not. Therefore, we are effective in different ways. But at the same time, all our cells work.

  2. This is not entirely proven, there are certain assumptions that the human brain is capable of more, but at the moment those 10 assumed percent – and there are 100% that can be used, at least for now. This percentage may increase in the future.

  3. I'm a schoolboy, but I can say that if we used 10 % of our brain, then we didn't need all the nerve cells, they would be just like that, and why would a person need extra diseases, because nature wouldn't create a person like that, because everything is INTERCONNECTED! In nature, everything is so ! Our brain would be SMALL! In addition, the brain gives commands to the WHOLE body! Even the most important organ, like the brain, is the Heart!
    The brain's electricity enters the organs and they start working, which is why we can WALK, RUN, and SIT down ( I say Sit down, not sit down ) Go to bed ( the same thing is not to lie down, but to lie down ) So we use the brain 100% and this is proven by scientists !

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