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    • In accordance with the procedural legislation of the Russian Federation, the application of a sentence to a defendant in the form of deprivation of liberty (real or conditional), correctional labor, the prerogative of criminal proceedings. Whereas compensation for property damage is the subject of consideration by courts of general jurisdiction in civil cases.

    • Thus, the decision to recover property damage is not part of the penalty in a criminal case, but can be made by the same court (judge)that considered the criminal case.

    • In the case of the Seventh Studio Case, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation filed a civil claim, which was satisfied by the Meshchansky Court of Moscow after Kirill Serebrennikov and the other defendants in the case were found guilty of committing a crime. However, it should be noted that since the recovery of 129 million rubles is not part of the sentence in criminal proceedings, non-payment of this money is not a violation of the execution of a suspended sentence. The Ministry of Culture has the right independently or through the bailiff service to enforce the decision on the claim by collecting funds from the accounts or by seizing the debtor's property.

    The answer to your question: if they don't return it, they will collect it from your accounts/property. The deadline will not become real.

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