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  1. Mmm… It is not harmful to fall asleep even in a crowded trailer, in a student construction team, where the lights are on, smoke is rocking, loud music and playing cards. Or in the barracks, in the “dorm”, where a hundred beds in one space, and after lights out is full of life. It doesn't hurt to fall asleep when a baby screams, but it's not your turn to get up.�

    In all these cases, I assure you, you will understand that nothing can be changed, but you need to sleep (in the sense of not sleeping, which means simply not sleeping at all!) – and you will sleep a deep, wonderful, useful sleep.

    If your mind is all right, you are not sick, you will not be disturbed by anything, neither the TV nor the surf.

    Just as if your digestive tract is fine, you will be fine no matter what you eat, as long as the food itself is benign.

  2. Light and extraneous sounds really worsen the quality of sleep. I think that you have heard about the role of melatonin for sleep, if not, then read it, the topic is well-known.

    As for the sound of the surf, I will say this interesting thing: I always come across the fact that sleeping with relaxing music is not just good, but even useful, I practiced this for about a week, and I got so hooked on this business that I caught myself thinking that without music I can no longer fall asleep quickly, as before. A certain addictive effect appeared quickly, so I gave up this case.

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