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  1. If Rousseau were right, then we would see how the government's control over people increases over the course of history, and the vector is exactly the opposite-the government controls people less and less, and people control power more and more. We are moving from dictatorship to democracy, not in the opposite direction. Yes, there are some exceptions, but on average the dynamics are quite clear. Yes, you can juggle terms like “freedom” and conclude that people are less free today, but this is unlikely to be exactly what Rousseau wrote about.

  2. ALL nations have long been accustomed to having overlords/leaders/leaders, this has become the norm of life. Similarly, in the animal world.

    A good overlord guarantees a good life.

    A bad overlord guarantees a bad life.

  3. Than to perceive power and control on the part of the overlords, and freedom is the ability of a person to take a fairy tale and live without overlords. I think that this is so, if you look at it, then we depend on the state and work for its benefit, in fact, people in the world decide and make decisions who can start bombing something tomorrow, and we have other problems that take up our time, a problem that is invented and imposed on us by pressure from above.

  4. The answer will depend directly on your personal beliefs.

    Let's take our country as an example.

    If you are firmly convinced that Putin is the tsar, then you will look for proof of this in every possible way, discarding the inconvenient.

    On the other hand, you can find evidence that our people decide their own fate, no one personally tells you what to do, and you can't call anyone your master.

  5. I am wrong, because the desire for dominance is a normal state of a person and this state moves a person to progress, and the absence of the desire for dominance is the initial stage of regression.
    Rousseau had something else in mind. He meant that the dictatorial behavior of one individual leads to a primitive degradation of society and turns the people into a tribe with one dictator.

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