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  1. I had such a turning point in my teenage years when I read and saw enough of all sorts of “high things” about our so-called being. That yin and yang are equally present in a person, then it still seemed to me that if there is both male and female in a person, even at the hormonal level, why should there be an emphasis on one thing, there is no point! I don't remember exactly what finally got me confused about positioning myself as a person without gender for a year, but I was faced with a lot of misunderstandings and in the end, society still needs this specific gender identity very much. I dressed and looked different, from a boy who looks like a girl to a girl who looks like a boy and everything like that. This is the moment when you realize that people around you are constantly whispering, looking at you strangely, paying attention to you on public transport as if your appearance is a common property. In the end, I was able to convince myself that this was a social experiment on my part. But it was both funny and painful. The wall of incomprehension that will eventually surround you will break your psyche, if it is not yet strong enough.

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