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  1. I do not pretend to be the ultimate truth, but based on my personal experience and observations, I will single out three trends in modern mechanical engineering.

    Changeability of equipment.
    There is a need to change the equipment before it self-amortizes, that is, pays for itself. �Scientific and technological progress is happening too fast, new technological solutions and structural materials are emerging that require different equipment. Replacement of equipment, as a rule, entails the reconstruction of related industries and retraining of personnel. In modern conditions, the renewal of fixed assets is inevitable, otherwise you will miss the market. �

    Management and management decisions change as new accounting and control tools are introduced.

    Legislative framework.
    The legislative framework, or rather the lack of it, hinders development. �
    There is no decision on the distribution of liability in accidents involving unmanned vehicles and in establishing the procedure for the work of insurance companies in such cases. There is no legal basis for using drones in the production process.

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