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  1. If you look back and consider which ancients are still most alive, they will be the founders of religions that have formed the basis of entire civilizations. Abraham, Vyasa, Confucius, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mahomet. Just something to do 😉

  2. What will happen to the Solar system in a billion years – it will not exist, because either the Sun will explode, or the Galaxy will collide with another or a Black hole will swallow the Galaxy. The question here is which substance will stand the test of time for as long as possible – any substance will collapse. But what we see after 14 billion years is the stars in the sky. This is a laser signal that stretches to infinity. As long as the universe exists, we will observe the stars in the very first moment. A person can create a radio signal that will last until the end of the universe, and if this radio signal is self-extracting, according to the principle of a virus, then you can use it to pack anything, in the flesh to your digital copy and wait until in billions of years this signal will be received by some computer of unknown beings in some solar system that

  3. what doesn't break down over time-IDEAS. Only they should serve for the creation of future societies, bringing liberation from stereotypes and mental delusions.Giving humanity progress and development, so that the human body does not dominate the choice of the mind…

  4. The right answer requires the right question. That's why we need more details:

    1. Labor is a process. The process, which is also a process in the universe, is eternal and infinite. In the process of labor, a person creates what is necessary for himself from the material.

    2. If we meant not labor, but the product of labor, then it is unlikely that what is created by man is durable from the point of view of infinity. The pot created by the potter “will not survive” infinity, but the clay from which the pot is made is eternal as the universe, because it is an element of the universe.

    3. If we limit ourselves to the human framework, then the product created by the hands and mind of a person is as eternal as it is in demand by humanity. The wheel will last as long as people need it. When the need disappears, the wheel will disappear. Consequently, the time of existence of a product of labor is determined by its necessity for a person.

  5. When neurogenetics reaches its apogee, and humanity copes with death, updating human material every time, then one of the individuals will invent a spaceship controlled by the attraction of this or that galaxy, planets, huge asteroids and other cosmic bodies… Speeds and handling will increase millions of times, and the distances that will be calculated in the shortest period of time from one planet to another, having breakfast on earth, and having lunch in a neighboring galaxy, on an unknown planet, unknown to humanity fruit, or getting acquainted with an unknown creature, of varying degrees of development-this will be the greatest peak of perfection, which will

  6. There is nothing easier. You buy gold. You order a jewelry designer and artist to design a piece of jewelry or give them the freedom to implement a unique idea. Gold is turned into a single copy, a unique product, a work of art. You dedicate it to some great event. And give it to the state. It will be preserved first for thousands of years. And then, in any case, the metal will be preserved, if it does not melt from a fire or from the heat of the sun. Most likely, the descendants will keep it. Especially if it is related to the topic of space

  7. A brilliant creation remains relatively long. Calm your mind! Don't ask too many questions. Do good in secret, selflessly. Be happy and 10 people around you will be happy! We are responsible for what we emit at every moment.

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