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  1. There is a fine line between the spiritual path and the illusion of the spiritual path. In the word “spiritual, “the root is” spirit.” There is a spirit that feeds the body, and there is a spirit that feeds the soul directly(this is an even more subtle manifestation of the Laws of the Universe). The ability to communicate with Nature, meditation and numerous exercises that help to harmonize the movement of energies in the human body, all this is connected with the spirit that nourishes the body. After getting rid of numerous blocks in the body, a state of elation can occur. But this is only the basic foundation for the beginning of the spiritual path.

    Repentance is necessary first of all for the person himself, in order to open himself to God for the penetration of Grace during prayer. But prayer is needed only to take Strength and merge all those who do prayer in a single stream. The spiritual path itself is a direct overcoming of temptations. When the same temptation is repeatedly overcome, the place in the soul that was in the “prison”is cleared by the Power of Grace. This is what the Power of Prayer is needed for. The spiritual path, as a rule, is always associated with relationships between people. Seraphim of Sarov (if my memory serves me correctly) advised me to find the action that most “earns Grace.” Some feel the flow of Grace when they help the poor with money, others-in prayer, etc.

    Any cultivation of selfishness and pride has nothing to do with the spiritual path, except for the spiritual path with the opposite vector.

  2. I think, in fact, everything that leads the soul to Perfection is a spiritual path. whatever a person does, if he develops and improves,he is on the way to the Spirit. simply put, the more Light and Love a person accumulates, the faster they move towards their ultimate goal-God. everyone has their own (path)🙂

  3. The spiritual path can be yoga, religion, and magic. No matter how distasteful this may be for representatives of various faiths. If your experience does not fit into religion, then your psyche is sharpened for something else. Look for what is closer to you, and, returning to your original question, this search is your way 🙂

  4. The spiritual path is a way of interacting with the otherworldly, immaterial, and supernatural world. Therefore, he is always religious, but being religious does not necessarily imply belonging to any denomination or belief in God in general. For example, Buddhism does not imply a personal god, shamanism and meditation do not imply God and confessionality. But these are spiritual/religious paths.

    Art, work, self-discovery, help, personal growth, and meditation can be either a mental / psychological path or a spiritual one. For example, if you imagine the sea, it will be a psychological meditation; if you try to interact with cosmic energies, it will be a spiritual one. Personal growth can be the development of intelligence, or it can be the desire to deify your personality. You can just work, or you can walk before God while working. Just doing good, or doing it for the sake of a Higher Love.

    There will always be a demand for spirituality. So you can share your experience in social networks. I think you'll find your audience.

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