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  1. From fiction, I recommend reading the works of

    Famous English writer

    By George Orwell

    “Animal farm”

    The story depicts the evolution of the state of the animals that drove the previous owner, the cruel Mr. Jones, from unlimited freedom to the dictatorship of a pig named Napoleon from the barnyard (originally called the farm “Manor” or in another translation – “Manor Yard”).

    And 1984

    The title of the novel, its terminology, and even the author's name later became household names and are used to denote a social structure that resembles the totalitarianism described in the novel “1984”, which is called Anglo-Soc in the novel.

  2. Eugen Boehm-Bawerk “Towards the end of the Marxist system”

    Friedrich Hayek “The Road to Slavery”

    Ludwig Mises ” Socialism. Economic and sociological analysis”

    “� � � � ” � � � � “An all-powerful government: Total State and total war”

    ” � � � � �” � � � �”Economic Calculation Under Socialism”�

    Joseph Schumpeter “Capitalism, Socialism & Democracy”

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