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  1. The love of Goodness broke their hearts.

    And Herzen slept, unaware of evil…

    But the Decembrists woke Herzen up.

    He didn't get enough sleep. From here everything went.

    And, dazed by their daring act,

    He raised a terrible bell for the whole world.

    What did you accidentally wake up Chernyshevsky with,

    Without knowing what he had done.

    And the one from sleep, having weak nerves,

    He began to call Russia to the axe,-

    What disturbed Zhelyabov's sound sleep,

    And that Perovskoi did not let him sleep to his heart's content.

    And I wanted to fight someone right there.,

    Go to the people and not be afraid of the rack.

    This is how the conspiracy began in Russia:

    A big deal is a long lack of sleep.

    The king was killed, but the world did not heal again.

    Zhelyabov fell, fell into an unsweetened sleep.

    But before that, he encouraged Plekhanov,

    So that he goes a completely different way.

    Everything could have been done with the passage of time.

    Russian life could be drawn into the order…

    What bitch woke Lenin up?

    Who was bothered by the fact that the child was sleeping?

    There is no exact answer to that question.

    What a year we've been looking for it in vain…

    Three components – three sources

    They don't explain anything to us here.

    He probably didn't know that himself,

    At least he didn't run out of revenge.

    At least he had researched that question scientifically,-

    I've been looking for the culprit for fifty years.

    Now in the “Bund”, then in the cadets… Will they be found

    At least there are footprints. And in the failure of evil,

    He immediately made a revolution for everyone,

    So that no one gets away from Kara.

    And with a song they went to Golgotha under the banners

    The fathers follow him, as in a sweet life…

    Let us say goodbye muzzles half asleep,

    We are the children of those who have not had enough sleep.

    We want to sleep… And there's no escape for us

    From the thirst for sleep and the thirst to judge everyone…

    Ah, the Decembrists!.. Don't wake Herzen!..

    You can't wake anyone up in Russia.

  2. History is written not with ink, but with blood and tears; the prosperous and well-fed descendants judge and judge, considering history not as Moloch but as a trained dog.

  3. We are talking about the so-called “three stages of the liberation movement in Russia”, described by V. I. Lenin. The consistent development of this movement, beginning with the Decembrists and ending with the “Proletarian revolutionaries”, that is, the Bolsheviks, ultimately led to the fall of the autocracy in 1917. What happened next is well known: The October Revolution, or rather the coup of 1917, the Civil War, famine, the Cheka and the red terror, Lenin, Stalin with his “cult”, industrialization, collectivization with its huge victims, repression, the Great Patriotic War with a great but monstrously bloody victory in it, the death of Stalin, Khrushchev with his “voluntarism”, Brezhnev with “stagnation”, Gorbachev with “perestroika”, the collapse of the USSR, Yeltsin and the shooting of parliament, privatization, liberalization, etc. and finally, what we have now: a system that is beginning too clearly to resemble the new autocracy and the new feudalism.

    In a word, the Decembrists, the awakened Herzen, the Narodniks, the Bolsheviks and Social Revolutionaries, and all their supporters who died untimely in the struggle for the “bright future of the people” are turning over in their graves. Was it worth starting all this two hundred years ago? I'm afraid not.

  4. Don't you know? :oh))) Oh, women… And with you it is impossible and it is a pity to shoot: o)))
    Reporting back… The Decembrists in no way opposed the monarchy as such. They wanted restrictions on absolutism and mostly political reforms. The Narodniks went to the people, their idea was to raise the level of education, upbringing and self-awareness of the peasants of Russia. To change the country in this way, not from above, but from below. So to speak, the union of intelligence is difficult. The proletarians wanted revolutionary changes for the whole country.
    All this movement led to the creation of the Soviet Union, a state built on the basis of a progressive ideology. However, starting with Khrushchev, the ideology began to change in favor of the interests of the elite and the party nomenclature. This led to the anti-Soviet counter-revolution in 1991-93.

  5. These were completely different phenomena in the socio-political life of the country. They have influenced the course of Russia's development in different ways. The Decembrists scared the authorities and they postponed the reforms. Populism is essentially a consequence of the abolition of Serfdom. If you remove its terrorist wing, then in general it was a positive phenomenon. The labor movement led to the restriction of the monarchy, the beginning of parliamentarism and the rapid development of the economy at the very beginning of the 20th century

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