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  1. Not on Earth. The origin of man is well studied and proven, and we certainly did not come from another planet.�

    But in a random fantasy story-quite. Just keep in mind that the gravity of the Earth can be very different from the gravity on their home planet. Especially if it was a big one, it's unlikely that they would have been able to adapt well. Also, the air they breathe. It can be very different from ours. Also, immunity. Our Bactrians are guaranteed to be different from what's on their planet. We live with them all our lives, and even share parts of the genome. And for them, our microorganisms are deadly. Most likely, they would simply die of anaphylactic shock in the first 10 minutes after they ventured to inhale our air, or drink from a spring, or taste some berry.�

    So when you see characters in games, movies, or science fiction stories roaming freely on alien planets in a campaign of alien life forms, you need to understand that these are all very rough assumptions. In reality, we would be able to interact with other species much like the Quarians from Mass Effect. In complete isolation from foreign microorganisms.

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