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  1. The brain smells of the dissection room, the blood and vomit of a classmate. And if no kidding, then mostly blood, taking into account the putrid changes of the corpse. Such cases.

  2. All the specimens of the human brain that I was lucky enough to sniff smelled of formalin, i.e. sickly sweet.�

    I hope that I will not have the opportunity to evaluate the natural smell of the brain.

  3. The brain itself doesn't smell like anything. The smell that we can hear from the brain is essentially the liquid that saturates it-blood. So if you want to know what your brain smells like, you can just cut your finger and smell it.

  4. When we held classes in the anatomy room, we had a chance to taste the aroma of the brain in formalin.

    You won't believe it, but the brain smells like squid))

  5. the brain smells different… this is usually “the smell of the last food of the creature whose brain you sniff”… an example with strawberries and bananas before going to bed with a girl will be appropriate )

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