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  1. Oh, I have quite a few of them.

    Nullius addictus jurare in verba magistri! – This is probably the main one, we can say that this is my life principle. Says that you should not blindly believe the words of the mentor, regardless of his authority

    “All truth is born as blasphemy, but not all blasphemy becomes truth.”

    Sapere aude-Dare to know.

    “Why do flocks need gifts of freedom?
    They are free to cut or cut”

    “What is accepted without proof can be rejected without proof”

    “Sell a man a fish and he will be a son one day, teach him to fish and you will lose a great opportunity to earn money”

    “Amor et tussis non celatur” – Love and cough can't be hidden.

  2. “Deep rivers flow inaudibly”
    � ” The kindness of the strong is kindness. The kindness of the weak is weakness ” (This is a controversial phrase, but it seems to be vital. Without subtext, become angry:))
    “Have the courage to have your own opinion. Have the wisdom to hide it. “

  3. Watch your thoughts, your thoughts become your words.

    Watch your words, your words become your actions.

    Keep track of your actions, your actions become your habits.

    Watch your habits, your habits become your character.

    Watch your character, your character becomes your destiny.

  4. Man is born for joy. But if there is no happiness in life, he does something nasty to another. And the feeling of joy warmed.

    accordion, but I like it �:))))))

  5. William James was once asked if he believed in free will. To which he replied: “Sure, what choice do I have?”

    I heard it on the show and sat down to think about it

  6. I often remember a phrase from the famous movie of my early youth: We should be happy for Sherman. “No, it doesn't work.�

    Very suitable in many life situations))))

  7. “prepare the eye for vision, the hand for action, and the soul for feeling.”

    -Maria montessori

    “why chase after something that's already finished?”

    – master and Margarita

    Don't be a pest, don't make a mistake

    carefully watch the river flow and dive in time so as not to break on the rocks

  8. “Here you are free, and I am busy with business all day, sitting on the couch”
    “Karma is like a liver, it is necessary to treat it with trepidation”
    “What crawls doesn't fly, eat whatever you want. ass will scatter”
    “You are how you resist and almost nothing else.”

  9. “We all carry our prisons with us.” You can't be more precise. We can only get rid of our own unhappiness, pain, and sense of unfreedom by getting rid of these inner prisons. It all depends on us.

  10. “Dead horse-get off”

    I don't know what might be the best advice for most people in most situations.. Or maybe ” Stop eating cactus.”.

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