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  1. I can answer based on the data obtained during experiments on animals (if anything, I do not support them in any way, go vegan). So, under the powerful and long-term influence of ultrasound, its thermal and bactericidal effect, which is successfully used in medicine and hygiene, begins to kill cells and tissues.Cavities form in the liquid (cavitation), which leads to the destruction of the cell. In addition, protein molecules begin to break down, which also leads to cell death.�

    How did this affect the overall state of the animals? Clouding of the lens, baldness, burns, extreme pain, and death from multiple internal hemorrhages. The higher the frequency, the faster death occurred.

    It is directly known about a person that prolonged and powerful exposure to ultrasound causes hearing disorders – nerve cells are destroyed, internal bleeding can begin, and bone tissue is destroyed. In addition, even at low frequencies, if they act for a long time, anxiety begins, turning into panic, interruptions in the work of the heart, in short-a symptom complex of the so-called “vegetative-vascular dystonia”.

    So if you lock a person up for 24 hours in a room with ultrasound at “full volume”, I think they will die. Excruciatingly, with pain, blood from his ears, and screams of terror.

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