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  1. A life support device is an artificial lung ventilation device.It plays the role of lungs in a person whose brain does not perform the functions of regulating respiration(i.e., the lungs do not work).If you disconnect from the device, a person will die from respiratory arrest.But since he's in a comatose state, it happens quietly, quickly….. and probably doesn't hurt.

  2. Brain death occurs from extensive brain damage,such as accidents and severe head injuries.

    When the brain dies, a person cannot breathe on their own,so they are intubated (an endotracheal tube is inserted into the throat through the mouth), and a ventilator controls the oxygen supply.

    First, the drug supply is turned off,then the tube is removed.The heart may still contract for some time,but this process does not last long.

    Often,with the consent of the patient's relatives, a person with brain death becomes an organ donor.Unless,of course, they are damaged.

    The patient will not feel anything in cardiac death when the brain is already dead.

  3. Most likely, it can be painful. The dying brain will be like a cat scratching at a closed box in its last breaths and come up with different pictures of different themes (like dreams, but much more colorful). There may be a feeling of suffocation. I'm afraid that even though the person is in a coma, it's very unpleasant.

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