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  1. if there is a metal plaque on the belt, then you will remove it anyway, because it will drag in the magnet. In addition, due to the metal, the signal will drop out in the pelvic area

  2. Good afternoon.

    If the belt buckle is metal or contains metal parts, this may cause artifacts (interference) in the image. This will degrade the image quality and may lead to a specialist error. In addition to your belt, always remove metal objects and electronic devices from your pockets before performing an MRI scan.

  3. If you did an MRI of the brain, then no. If the study was conducted in the thoracic spine and below, the doctors should have noticed and asked to remove it. So if the study has already passed. Then there's nothing wrong with that.

  4. Attention: an amateur's opinion.

    Problems will only occur if:
    a) any part of the belt contained metal joints
    b) the belt was in the area under study and visible in the picture
    c) if the belt prevented you from inhaling deeply (but this is not accurate)

    I guess you didn't have the first option, you would have felt it right away.
    In all other cases, a forgotten belt should not interfere.

  5. If the belt buckle is steel (magnetic) and does not come off the belt, then you may be torn in half by this belt. MRI scans use very strong magnetic fields that turn harmless household objects into deadly ones.

  6. Just yesterday I had a similar question, when I was going to do an MRI of the brain, I was told that you can not take off your jeans with metal rivets and a zipper.
    If the scanned area of the body is higher, then you will most likely be allowed to leave it. If this is not possible, specialists will carefully check and ask you again whether all metal objects have been removed and whether they are absent in the body.

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