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  1. “IGNORANCE”… which is passed off as knowledge. “Knowledge” in five thousand modern religions and beliefs of mankind. Moreover, each of the believers believes that only he “knows” God. Therefore, this concept can mean anything because of the piety of a person or him… perversions.

  2. An illusion. Human projection to the outside world. And this is so, even if God objectively exists, because God for people is only their ideas about him, and not the deity itself, as such. All the Gods are made up by people and made up of them. And about the real God, if he exists, of course, humanity does not know anything. But there are only two options, I think. God either does not exist, or he does not want to shine and teach us about life, unless of course you seriously believe that the Bible and other writings were written by people from his words.

  3. God is a man-made source of faith, created by people to help.

    People created God as an extension of their parents, who are ready to help in difficult times, prompt, teach, warn against temptations, from bad deeds, support in good endeavors, give support, give hope, give self-confidence.

    God is a psychological support when a person is face to face with a situation. Psychological support does not require knowledge, but rather faith.

  4. It is impossible to answer this question. But if a lot of people feel the need to look for an answer, then there is one. And, probably, everyone will find it – in the afterlife. And it turns out that the answer is very simple. God is the happiness of finding the true self. Perhaps this is the “Divine Simplicity”.

    But in general, God is a creative energy that creates Something that we cannot understand. But we are called to understand because we are called to be co-creators. Humans are God's team that transforms the world. Therefore, we need to communicate with God as a person. As with a person. Among Christians, such a Person is Christ.

  5. On the one hand, He is Love, Truth, and Life. But He's not just a what, He's a Who. God is also a Person, can be an interlocutor.

    At the same time, It is an unknowable mystery, we cannot comprehend Its essence. Therefore, on the other hand, it is better not to say anything about It, but to contemplate It in silence.

    Simplicity implies that there are no components, complexities, or contradictions in the Divine nature. It is one, simple and immaterial.

  6. God is literally our heavenly father. He wanted us to appear and created us and the entire material world. It is good that the owner of everything is kind, caring and generous, you will agree, the land is magnificent! There is a divine simplicity in all this. And the fact that the Bible is written for us in a simple and understandable language. Everything we can and should know about him is written in this book.

  7. An exhaustive descriptive answer to your question where did the concept of “God” come from in different religious denominations can be found in the encyclopedia of Signs and Symbols-link

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