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  1. Real art never becomes dead, it lives out of time – it always remains relevant and useful. The perception of such art is not entertainment, but a lot of work for the mind and heart. At the same time, everyone can understand it, regardless of education or social status. Real art is the art that makes us better.

    Brodsky in his” Nobel Lecture ” said: “I believe that it is more difficult for a person who has read Dickens to shoot someone like him in the name of any idea than for a person who has not read Dickens.”

    Tolstoy in the article ” What is Art?” He wrote: “The task of art is enormous: art, real art, must make sure that the peaceful cohabitation of people, which is now observed by external measures-courts, police, charitable institutions, inspections of works, etc.— is achieved by the free and joyful activity of people. Art should eliminate violence.”

  2. Real art is those works of writers, artists, musicians and other artists that have managed to touch the hearts or thoughts of people.

    Real art is a tool for transforming the human soul, forcing people to look differently at the surrounding reality.

    Real art allows you to express yourself not only to the author of the work, but also to all those who are imbued with its depth, subtlety and significance. It can live only when it has viewers, listeners, and fans. Then it sounds a beautiful melody and brings people closer to each other.

  3. It seems to me that no one can answer this question unequivocally.

    We can say that real art is something that is time-tested and recognized by the community, but how many people – so many opinions, as they say. No artist or art critic can tell you what is bad and what is good, what is real and what is not.

    I believe that every person can only personally understand and feel this. Real art is alive, it touches something deep in you, produces images in your mind that you have never met before, but which for some reason are close to you. This is its power – to be diverse but familiar, to be personal, to touch deeply and be remembered, to transform us.

  4. For me, it is a real art when a potter twists a beautiful large vase for flowers or a pot for cooking delicious dishes out of a lump of clay. In his work, he uses a potter's wheel, which is an indispensable assistant in his craft.

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