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  1. We should probably start with the term itself. Surrealism is a word used by Apollinaire, which, according to the usual norms, should be translated as “super-realism”.

    It was this idea that appealed to the three comrades – Aragon, Breton and Soupo. They founded surrealism, and in their early work is clearly visible idea, the essence of which is not in the transfer of fantasy. And in the transmission of the true experience of reality, in which the fantasy is already inscribed.

    Surrealism is freedom in the perception of reality, when for example you can see not only things, but also complete them with your imagination, rhyme, feel the strangeness (deja vu or jam vu).

  2. As far as we know, surrealism consisted in conveying the unreal.

    The most famous representative of surrealism is Salvador Dali. He created his works after colorful dreams.

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