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  1. The main criteria for aesthetics are harmony and perfection. The item must be skilfully made, high-quality, and free of flaws in order to be considered aesthetic. It should also be pleasant to look at, its shapes, colors and lines should be correct and harmonious.

    Do not forget that the assessment of the aesthetics of a thing largely depends on the cultural level and personal preferences of the person who evaluates it. A thing that seems aesthetically pleasing to one person may seem disgusting to another.

  2. Aesthetics is a taste, a preference. And they don't argue about tastes. Each person has their own rules and view of aesthetics, as well as criteria. Some people think that 2-3 solid colors and minimalism in detail are the main criteria for aesthetics.

  3. Since ancient times, the human brain has been marking “symmetrical” shapes that determine the state of the world around it. Let's say you like to look at a wheat field where all the plants are healthy. However, if a strong wind blows, or the plant dies from a disease, it will bend, wither and break, thereby breaking its symmetry. A person immediately understands that this plant will not go into food, and he does not like it – the plant does not look aesthetically pleasing.

    You can watch a useful video on the topic, turn on subtitles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O5kNPlUV7w

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