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  1. the entire video is religious propaganda, and the theory is made solely for the appearance of validity of judgments.

    the whole theory looks like speculation, and consists of compilations of various (or even opposite) ideas that do not follow from one another.

    But if you want, I can act as the devil's advocate and give you some clarification.

    here is a more complete version of what they tried to cover up the propaganda in the video —

    the relationship “measure-matter-information” is actually cyclical and developing, the categories are mutually generated.

    several cycles are represented by a red line, and straight axes are selected categories, where points of gradual generation of more and more complex implementations of this category are marked.

    the blue plane is a flat view of a single cycle( trinity). the closeness of the flat view is determined by the fact that the projections of points P4-P5 or F3-F4 on their axes coincide .. this also creates a certain blurring of one of the concepts when trying to generate one from the other (for example, F in P, where P5 already leaves the plane and is a more complex category that does not belong to the plane).

    as for the meanings and differences, they are well known to you, or at least by ear. information differs from the measure, and the measure is also generated by information – – – “quantity turns into quality”.

    if you take a certain amount of matter and start increasing it, then at some point there will be a qualitative change .. the limit of quantity change at which a qualitative change occurs is the measure of this change.

    roughly, if you add protons to an atom, the atom will change its quality, becoming an atom of another element.

    a classic example of a measure is a change in the temperature of ice: at 0 degrees Celsius, the ice will start to melt, and at 100 degrees, the water will turn into steam .. this is a change in the aggregate state, and the relationship of this change with temperature (the amount of energy added).

    an example of cyclical development. if you take the sound (pronounced) as a material category, it can be equipped with meaning (like a shout, for example) what will make it informative is that if you make it linked to the letter display, it creates a measure.

    there are a limited number of letters, so they are a measure .. meanings are not stable, so they are information .. sounds are very diverse, so they are matter.

    further development (next cycle) – create words from sounds .. fix the meaning of words .. write down the words.

    even further, you can create offers .. convey your thoughts .. identify the literature.

    next , write a novel .. convey your ideology .. publish a book.

    it is not difficult to notice that at a certain point there is a difficulty in determining what exactly is a measure, what is materiality, what is information .. so the evolution from a letter to a book can be considered an increase in measure, an increase in information, or an increase in matter .. also with sound, also with meaning .. this “confusion” is natural, since it is a sign of all spiral processes .. it is impossible to determine the beginning of the spiral and its connection with any particular category .. in addition, any developed object contains the attributes of all categories, and loses the absolute binding (the binding becomes relative).. in the final analysis, only mutual generation and the direction of changing categories are preserved.

    in addition, at a certain stage of evolution and accumulation of features, the “law of measure” is triggered along the spiral, and it becomes possible to translate the book into another language .. because of this, the natural ORIGIN of the book in the author's head breaks away from the evolved “object”.. what sounds the words were originally made of doesn't matter anymore, and sometimes the words themselves lose their meaning .. in some cases, only the ideology remains in a modified state (for example, in subjective perception).. such qualitative changes up to the loss of origin are also a consequence of the operation of the principle of measure.

    I will give some definition of the measure given by me in one of the answers

    a measure is a certain amount of something that creates an ontologically independent concept or entity .. a measure is a quantity that is stable, resists the separation of a part from it, or the addition of something to it.

    the main thing here is not to confuse measure with measurement .. measurement provides a certain quantitative parameter and in this presentation is an informational manifestation.

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